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My turn to start the 30 day challenge

Updated on August 7, 2012

I have always admired those who have taken the 30 day challenge. I imagine that it would be a huge accomplishment and have doubted my ability to do it. But this morning, as I read my Bible, I was challenged to do the best I can at anything I put my mind to doing. So I have decided, in an effort to improve my writing, I will give the 30 day challenge a try.

This is very exciting for me. I am interested to see what I will find to write about each day, and to see how difficult it becomes to find new topics and ideas. Perhaps I will post some of my favorite recipes, or walk you through my day. I’m sure I will write some quick devotionals and Bible studies. Hopefully I will experience some exciting adventures to share or learn something new to tell. Maybe poetry will flow from these fingers or stories will sprout from these keys. Whatever happens, I hope the experience will improve my confidence on these pages and turn me into a better writer.

Setting aside the time may be my biggest challenge. I have so much to do with my time; it can be hard to prioritize. I will also need to overcome my tendency to procrastinate. It helps that the kids go back to school tomorrow. During the week won’t be so bad, but I’m not sure I will be able to keep up on the weekends. I truly found it hard to write while they were home for the summer. My plan to demand an hour or two each day to write, pretty much fell through from the start. So maybe it will have to be twenty-two hubs in 30 days or 30 hubs in 40 days. Either one would be an accomplishment.

I hope you will join me on this journey and stop by to read some hubs. I welcome your input and (constructive) criticism. I really want to improve. Maybe along the way I will learn to make you laugh. I hope you won’t cringe or cry. Perhaps I’ll be able to let my hair down some, and show a more personal side.


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