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Networking Via Friends and Co Workers

Updated on November 15, 2009

Network From the Bay to NY, To Overseas

Network no matter where LIFE takes you....
Network no matter where LIFE takes you....

Making Money Via Everything

Weird title for my Hub huh?

Well what I have learned in this short time of blogging online is that their is opportunities to be made almost anywhere and it can be made legitimately. You just have to open your eyes and actually search for the topics and products that interest you. I have allot of knowledge that I am always hoping to share with others, and for those that work with me who have checked out my pages in the past know this. I love to learn and find out the fine print about allot of subjects and products. The latest product and or subject that I have discovered is networking. I know that not everybody is comfortable with networking to see what their co worker, or friend or family member may know. The idea that I have may not be something for me to run with but for the next person they maybe able to add their own two cents to that idea and make something of it. Don't be afraid to ask for help or an idea from your neighbor or anything and everything.

Search for new topics that you have never heard about. Go into business with someone on a small basis to see how both of you can encourage each other to make money. EBay allows people to come together to sell and buy tons of things that maybe junk to one person but is considered treasure to another person. Real Estate agents get some of their best business from referrals. Refer your family and friends to different products and services you have signed up for to earn that extra money. Have you taken a survey lately? Refer your family and friends. And example of this is a program that Microsoft offers where you can be a game tester or a product tester of current and future products that they offer. I have done it a few times and have enjoyed traveling to the Microsoft campus. They give you free beverages and ask for your input on how to make a product better. Microsoft has a product out right now called SkyDrive that I had a hand in during the development process. It was fun and plus they give you free products at the conclusion. That is something that allot of my friends and family did not know about. Search on the internet for various programs that are available in your area and you may find that you maybe able to network with someone to get some free products. You may have a move coming up and know someone with a truck or extra boxes. Life is short, its time for everybody to network together their strengths to achieve a higher goal in life and in your pocket book.

Myself and a few of my friends are very knowledgeable in wireless phones and billing and other various cell phone technologies and jargon. I had a family member that had trouble at a store she visited and the sales rep told her somethings that were not true. I advise her of what the actual factual answer she was looking for and she was able to go back to this store and the rep admitted he was wrong which also helped her get $100 that as due to her. We as a people as a full network can become one, and with just simple info that we all know and have experienced we can help each other out achieve higher rankings by networking together with what has work best for me, that may work best for you also. If it doesn't work best for you, maybe your friend knows something that may work best for me and vice versa. I can introduce you to my friend named Sally and Rusty, who may know another way to socially get your idea and or network, or hubpage idea into more areas of the web or at least get their friends and family interested in your advice that you have. Search out new friends, and family to find the best networking ideas you may not of thought of. I want to be more than the relief pitcher, I want to be the closer. Lets find ways to making money via everything.

Again my idea I might not be able to do anything with it, but you may like it and might be able to make something of it. Pay homage and support each other, be honest and see how far we can go. The truth shall come to the light, we can all be this bright and achieve a higher standard.



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