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Never lower your standards, and never ever settle for less than your worth.

Updated on February 22, 2015

When you settle, what you get, is beneath you.

In this world, none of us are perfect.

I am always the first one to say..

"I am imperfectly perfect"

We all have our flaws.

We have made mistakes, but remember your past, bad mistakes are just learning experiences, and if you do have a learning experience, just to remember never to do it again.

I learned never to settle and it has brought, grand happiness into my life.

I had once settled and it was the biggest mistake in my life.

No woman should ever have to settle for what her self worth is.

Wait, before you make the biggest mistake of your life.

Well you do learn from you mistakes, ( I know I repeat)

But you know something?

There is a big, huge, world out there, and life is about discovering yourself.

Follow your path, you know what your path is, it is etched into your heart and soul.

There is nothing written, but you know, you must follow your path.

If you don't follow your path, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

You just have to take the bull by the horns, and hang on to one hell of a ride.

I can't tell you how to follow your path, it is just a feeling, you get inside, and try not to stray from it.

Oh I did a few times, but let me say, I basically have been staying on it for so many years now.

I learned not to settle and you know what happened?

I was able to find the most brilliant people, who have helped push me.

That is indeed a gift from God.

Let me mention one thing...

I will not push what I believe in my heart, about my beliefs about God and I won't condemn someone if they believe in something different than myself.

Too bad many people weren't more open minded and kind hearted to think like this.

If you really think about it...if God is suppose to create all living you think God

would really want any of us, to sit and point fingers at one another and tell people, they

are bad, because they are different than we are?

The answer is no...

basically we should learn to co-exist somehow...

Maybe we could all learn from each other, and maybe that would even help to expand our paths and to grow with each other.

I know, not alot of people will think like I am.

But my mind was opened up so long ago, and I keep continue to educate myself, with people who the knowledge to pass on to me, and then in return, I can pass it on to others also. sometimes you learn through people and not just in schools.

You learn through life and real love.

You can find people that are real and not fake, and believe me, you find those people that are good, your life will become golden too :)


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