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Online Writing | First Get Inspired and find your Arena

Updated on March 22, 2011

The Ugly Truth

You have recently found about “A source of passive income"- That is I believe online writing and then making use of Advertisement on your content to earn auxiliary income.

But as you have already found out and if not, I must tell you that it's not easy out here. If you just started then you must know that this option is filled with those who are established, experienced and have good visitor base.

So does that mean that you should back away?

Absolutely not my friend. Read on and I must explain.

Odds of Amateurs v/s Pro Hubbers

What are your odds against them- The experienced and established of Bloggers.

It is easy to understand that the resources which are available to you were not available to them cause they started early. What you have got is very good tutorials and estsblished website to start your writing career online.

You should devote your first month to reading more of the concepts and the methods of online wtriting and how to optimize to your interest

Blogging | Hubbing

Let's get Inspired

Now we have understood our rank in the blogging arena. We are very less-experienced and don't have much content to back us.

But what we have got, we will utilize it efficiently and to our profit and steady our position in this arena.

So let's take a look at all the features and the resources we have with us. The very good thing is that most of the resources which are needed are available free of cost and to every-one to use.

Take a look at the blogging resources which can be easily used to get maximum kinetic E to our writing career-

1. The online platforms like HubPages, Squidoo, Blogger and WordPress where you can make your account within minutes and go online with most features available to reach the no.1 spot.

2. The Tutorial on each and every thing which matters to every blogger and that to this most of them updated n tuned to the latest of algorithm changes in the arena. These tutorials were not available to early starters and also they have to constantly update their facts in area.

3. There are many websites surfacing each day to the needs of changing Blogging industry. Hence you should utilize them to gather maximum visibility.

4. As the industry has grown, each level has brought better user interface and hence any-one with good content which is in demand can make big buck here.

A level field for a pro and new Hubber

From the above we can easily gather that internet blogging and writing has much too offer and a new hubber can give a very tough competition to any hubber even the seasoned one. You can reach top position for any article if the parameters are followed and hence give any one a run for his money.

Hence give your ideas shape and publish them on HubPages


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    • BlogJournal profile image

      BlogJournal 6 years ago from Blogosphere

      Hey kimmi take it slow. You will grow with time.

      Online blogging is vast and is very deep so it will get some time before you get accustomed and make a mark, but when you get through you will be great.


    • kimmi32401 profile image

      kimmi32401 6 years ago from Panama City, FL

      I'm so happy to have found your hubs. There are so many things in this community that I am unsure or unaware of... it's nice to be able to find answers in a light, non-preaching fashion.

    • BlogJournal profile image

      BlogJournal 6 years ago from Blogosphere

      This profile is dedicated to that only dear ahmed.

      Hope you get something from my hubs.

      Thanks for your feedback


    • profile image

      ejazahmed2609 6 years ago

      thanks for giving such nice advices for new hubbers. I would also like you to say thank you for following me. if you have more advices for new hubbers, please share with me.