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How to Optimize Hubpages Guide for beginners

Updated on June 29, 2014

Posting a hub is an interesting activity. It makes more interesting as it is easy for all to post the new topic based the default selection available. While writing a hub we should avoid copying the content from some other hubs or pages from Internet as it is pretty simple to track down copied content over the web. So make sure you write your own and it should not be copyrighted material. It is also suggested not to use copyrighted images from other sources to your hub.

Hub gives a lot of suggestion which makes a new hubber to write his or her article very easily. The optimization tools like link suggestion which will list out the keywords available in our posts. Much more helpful fact is it will also suggest if we introduce more keywords.

There is no need to do much optimization as the page url which we write starts with So while there is a search in search engines our page will pop up in the first results.

There is link suggestion tool by means of which we can link specific keywords to other pages so that for a person who reads our hub will get more information. The good reading experience brings him back to your hub.

If the hub which you post is of substandard quality, or if you add external links it will be considered, hub will throw a warning stating the pages seems to be overly promoted. This usually happens when we add a lot of keywords and word count of the post is low. External link refers to the pages other than hubpages links like you personal blog or personal websites.

Another fact which makes hub interesting is the topic variety. You can choose the topic from a wide range, anything you wish with the same hub account. If it is a blog, if we choose a category it will be awkward to change it in the next blog post. We have to optimize and stick to certain related topics. In hub you got much more liberty to choose the topic.

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Drive traffic

Driving the traffic to your hub is another important agenda in hub creation or any other public spaces. We write with the main objective, others should read whatever we write. As if you write good quality article, automatically your hub score will increase. Based on the hub score your traffic will rise. Another fact is that you have to make link to other pages to. If you are an active author in hub for longer period, the better your score. We can increase the traffic to the hub by including the hub links in our email signatures, forums profile signatures. There is another option by sharing the links in other blogs and social networks.

Putting affiliates code and all comes after all these steps. For that you may have to wait for even a year. But there is another important fact PageRank of your hubpage. Which is like a point to the optimized pages. Two things are important fot PR, external links and TIME. Links can be built very fast within a short duration, but time cannot be shortened. Do not thing time alone will increase the PR. If you are not maintaining your page properly you will not get PR.

It is always good to link the hugpages from other sites like our own personal websites or blogs. Increasing the pagerank of a blog is easier as we can place any no of html or any other scripts without any restriction. If more links towards your hub from some other page the better the traffic.

Hubs have another option to link another hubs for a particular words or phrases. But this has to be chosen wisely. Placing too many internal links are like spam or self promoting own hubs. This may lead to rejection of our hubs while we submit for review.


Image Content

Place right images to the hubs. Make sure it will not violate the copyright. You can use own images and if images are not available with you can use free sources like wikipedia commons where a lot of images without copyright is available. Placing moderate number of pictures will make the hubs more interesting to read.

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