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Our Thanks To You, Simone From All The Community

Updated on June 3, 2013
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Susan has written four internet marketing books, and also does SEO for both global and small companies.

'I will miss Simone's infectious sense of humour! She has the gift of saying just about anything in an upbeat and fun way, and that has given us many a ray of sunshine on the forums!' - Marcy Goodfleisch
'I will miss Simone's infectious sense of humour! She has the gift of saying just about anything in an upbeat and fun way, and that has given us many a ray of sunshine on the forums!' - Marcy Goodfleisch


Hi everyone! As we have all heard, the wonderful Simone Smith is leaving HubPages and her position as Community and Marketing Director to launch her own business. I am sure we will all miss Simone terribly, with her wonderful positivity, charisma and amazing personality within the HubPages community. Her personality is loved by so many Hubbers, who wouldn't? Marcy Goodfleisch has made a thread asking fellow Hubbers to leave their messages and comments to Simone. The response was amazing and is growing by the day. I have included these wonderful messages and others that Hubbers left in my own thread and sorted out by category. I have also included why Simone is leaving and who will be taking her post (surprise, surprise!). So sit back, relax and enjoy this hub. And, finally Simone, please keep this as a memento to look back on. We would be delighted!

Simone and Gigaverse

So, why is Simone leaving? She is creating a training center for online careers called Gigaverse that will go live this summer. Its sole purpose is to help people craft their ideal lives and careers by connecting them to the most important tools, resources, practices, and connections relative to their pursuits. Feel free to take a look at Gigaverse's temporary landing page. It really looks awesome and I am looking forward to the launch, when it will go live this summer. Simone has said that leaving HubPages has been a very tough choice to make but she said that she will miss the HubPages community terribly and that she would like to follow her life long ambitions.

'Simone, you have made HubPages such a happy and wonderful place and thank you so much for that. We wish you the best of luck for the future!' - susi10
'Simone, you have made HubPages such a happy and wonderful place and thank you so much for that. We wish you the best of luck for the future!' - susi10 | Source

Simone's Personality

It's a no-brainer, Simone has been amazing on HubPages and will always be amazing. She has turned HubPages upside down and set such a wonderful example to the whole HubPages community, to be nice, helpful and so positive. Her cheerfulness is infectious, literally. She has brought so much happiness to my and other Hubbers' lives. Here are what other Hubbers think of her sheer 'amazingness' (if you could call that a word!).

'We will miss your dedication to the writers. It's easy to tell you are sincere, and that means a lot. Thanks!' - Marcy Goodfleisch

'We are all going to MISS you terribly. Your sweet smile and sunny disposition, AND ALL THE HELP YOU BRING US!!
I wish you the very best!' - fpherj48

'I'll miss her cheerfulness, her dedication and her helpfulness!' - AliciaC

'Simone is just so,personable, available, genuine and right on the ball. Amazing person. Absolutely one of a kind and even though Hub Pages is so huge feeling, Simone was there, always available and always helpful and friendly. I don't want her out of my life. She's a rising, shining STAR!' - Good Lady

'She's inspired me to wear bright colors. She helped me get my start with online writing and always patiently answered my questions. I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors; she's helped to make HubPages the great place it is today.' - cclitgirl

'I will miss her funny pictures and smiling face, Simone is definitely one of kind and will be greatly missed by the HP community!' - chrissieklinger

The Gigaverse Logo, Simone's next venture
The Gigaverse Logo, Simone's next venture

Simone's Energy

Even reading the posts she writes back to Hubbers, you really get the feeling of how happy, optimistic and vibrant she is, no matter what the situation. So, what do others think of her energy?

'I will miss her sweet quirkiness that made her so genuine and original, truly one-of-a-kind. In fact, she's so original that I could never figure out where she's from - California? Australia? Is she American? She just has a way with words and expression that I found to be all her own. Her energy will be missed in this cyberspace.' - janshares

''Simone caught my attention right from her start at HubPages. I knew she would be a force to be reckoned with...LOL. Those wacky, original and interesting topics; loved the one about being single!
Her wonderful genuine sense of humour and her ability to just be "out there" and do it with such aplomb! Those hats...oh my, and have you seen the Hub with her many expressions? As someone who draws...thank you! How did she know such a Hub was needed? Keyword search , I believe!
On forums she manages to smooth ruffled feathers and make us all feel "special". Such a gift!
Maybe she should run for office. You think?' - Scribenet

'I will miss Simone's infectious sense of humor! She has the gift of saying just about anything in an upbeat and fun way, and that has given us many a ray of sunshine on the forums!' - Marcy Goodfleisch

'She's a diplomat. Something I'm not. Hence I think she's awesome!' - WryLilt

Whatever question you may have had, Simone would have answered it in a flash!
Whatever question you may have had, Simone would have answered it in a flash!

Simone's Responses in Forums and Questions

As a new Hubber on HubPages, I'm sure we have all asked questions about things on HubPages or started silly, worthless threads. But you know what? Simone has replied to all of our small questions and gave support when we needed it. Here are other Hubbers' experiences to Simone's responses to their suggestions, questions or posts in forums!

' I just want Simone to know how very much I personally appreciate her fast, fair and informative responses and the open mindedness she maintained in allowing writers to make suggestions for improvement here. Best of luck Simone, and thank you for all of your help.' - TIMETRAVELER2

'Oh Simone, so sorry to see you going. You've been great to deal with, have been an inspiration to newbies and you were always available when I needed to ask questions, your prompt responses were always welcome. That's no mean feat with our different time zones!
Good luck Simone, thanks for inspiring us all.' - MPG Narratives

'I will miss the role model she has been for gracefully addressing questions, and always treating with respect those who ask them.' - Marcy Goodfleisch

'Simone's quick response to queries is something, I would really miss. Not only in Forums, but also by emails sent to her. Wish her all the best in future!' - ChitrangadaSharan

'Simone has always been so helpful and quick to reply to any questions or concerns I've ever had. You'll be missed by so many of us Simone and I wish you all the best.' - Just Ask Susan

'She never sleeps so you can count on her answering at any We will miss you!' - LuisEGonzalez

'I will miss Simone's quick responses to questions, no matter how silly the question, she never made you feel ignorant or blonde. She always respected Hubbers whether they were just getting started or been here for 3 years. Well done job Simone and thank you for your time to help us all. You will do great at your new journey and I wish you well!'

'She has been very helpful to us newbies by jumping into these forums and anserwing questions. Best wishes to you Simone!' - Sheri Faye

' I also liked the way she would handle the angry posts with such class!' - Michael Willis

'I appreciate all of the work she does at Hubpages. I don't think anyone will be able to keep up with the quick replies she gives.' - Barbara Kay

'I will miss thinking this - ' Oh good, Simone is on the case it will get sorted out soon ' when reading her name in the forum and it often made me think that. I liked her level headed approach and maybe the interesting hats drew attention to it. Thank you and wishing you the best.' - 2uesday

Your feedback and response in forums and questions is professional, fast and always positive.
Your feedback and response in forums and questions is professional, fast and always positive. | Source

Simone's Support and Feedback

'She's a good mentor on the apprenticeship program who provides excellent, detailed feedback.' - ChristinS

'Simone was one of the first to welcome me to HubPages and her encouragement of my first efforts here were a great inspiration to me to continue making hubs. I hope that she will return to visit us often.' - Sherry Hewins

'I will miss all the positive energy and helpful information Simone offered in such a diplomatic way when other hubbers were not quite so diplomatic. Good luck Simone... I know you will be successful:)' - healthylife2

'Simone always has a good word. Not only in the apprenticeship program, but also outside of it, she gives complimentary and genuine feedback. That and her optimism help fuel my own and keep me motivated to write. I've slacked off a little here, but am writing other places, building a freelance business. Simone helped validate my skills and I really appreciate that!' - watergeek

'Simone has been an inspiration to new Hubbers, an encourager and motivator. I wish you well in all you do, Simone and every success for the future.' - Alison Graham

Her Hats and Bows

Simone has a such an awesome fashion sense, her style is cool and utterly fabulous. Those incredible hats and bows! Wow!

'I will also miss Simone's incredible sense of personal style!' - Marcy Goodfleisch

'I'll miss her incredible hats and terrific smile! (: - rebeccamealey

'Simone's fashion style lent a lot of color and charm to HP. Love those hats! Here's wishing Simone the best in her new venture.' - JayeWisdom

''Agreed! She can sure rock a hat!' - Sheri Faye

'I will miss her Hats as well as Simone...' - Michael Willis

'I think for me, it's the bow thing. I might have "bow withdrawals.' - habee

'Still, in our family, we have a constant little Simone reminder because seeing her photo inspired one of my daughters to start wearing bows in her hair, and she's been wearing them almost every day since!' - Melovy

So, what next?

Simone's departure has left some empty posts to fill and this is what we have all been waiting for, who is going to fill those empty places? Who is going to answer our questions and forum threads with such thought? Who is going to write the amazing newsletter? Well, here you go!

  • Christy Kirwan will be running the blog, newsletter, and social media channels from now on.
  • Robin Edmondson will continue to lead the educational programs and materials
  • Matt Meyer shall now be your primary Forums contact.
  • Marina Lazarevic will be heading up new community market research and development initiatives

So, there you have it! I'm sure these people from all the HubPages Team will be fantastic future leaders in their department and the future looks very bright indeed.

Bye, Bye Simone

Simone, we want you to know that you are an absolutely brilliant individual and we will always think of you, forever. You shall always be thought about and the community will miss you dearly. We want to wish you best wishes for the future and with your next venture, Gigaverse and we all know it will be a great success. But, for know, strive to the top and keep being the amazing and inspiring person you are. Thank you for everything.

'Simone - you will definitely be missed on HP. I am sure you are excited about the new venture upon which you are embarking, and I wish you all the luck in the world. I can't wait to see the impact that you will have on your new venture. You are so dynamic! Best wishes and good luck!' - homesteadbound

'Nooooo! Don't gooooo! Yes, I know we will be in good hands - but you are our mentor, our big sister or little sister (depending on which Hubber that refers to!), our calm voice in the midst of storms and the person who injects the right note of humor when it's most needed.
Yes - you will be greatly missed!
(Running out of Kleenex here . . . )' - Marcy Goodfleisch

What do you like most about Simone?

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