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PerfectHub II | Perfect use of Text and Image Capsules

Updated on June 2, 2011

Text and Image Capsule

HubPages offers you many capsule to make you webpage that is hub and you are given full authority to assemble them in any order. But there are some ground rules to webpage design which needs to be followed so that your page looks attractive and orderly so that the visitor can stay on you site.

In this page we take a look into the Text and Image Capsule.

Text Capsule

HubPages provide you with a Rich Text Editor where you can write you content add links and do a variety of things. It's very essential to make perfect use of it.

1.    First of all use the Capsule Subtitle, don't and never leave it blank and this goes for each of the capsule. It's very important S.E.O. factor. It tells the Search Engines what your content is all about.

2.    Now the first text capsule should be keyword rich and not some text build up for the other capsules.

3.    If you are writing more hubs interconnected by a topic then the first text capsule can be used to add links to other Hubs like I will keep adding the links to other PerfectHub articles to this one as well.

4.    Now I want to tell you that your Hubs should be free from grammatical errors and typing errors. Here you Text capsule lags so it may be a better option if you write on MS Word or just copy you text from capsule paste onto word and then review it for Spelling and grammatical errors and paste it back to save.

Image Capsule

Image capsule is for adding Images that very simple but there are some very fine points I would like you to observe with me.

  • Never add a big image besides the first text capsule cause it pushes the advertisement to lower level or for that matter never add an image in the first text capsule. Add it besides the second text capsule.
  • Add the article keywords in the image capsule subtitles that way your image appears in the Google image search
  • You can add the website address in the space provided to promote your or any other website. (Source url)
  • You can also write a short note which is recommended as it tells the theme of the image. So make it keyword optimized. (Caption)
  • I would suggest that you keep the image at quarter width and without borders.

Adding images can increase the visitors experience and also makes you page design very attractive and also you can optimize them to get good search traffic.


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