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Pixabay - Copyright-free high quality images for any use

Updated on February 25, 2011
Parrot | Source

There are millions and millions of photos on the Internet, but online-publishers, designers, and of course writers on HubPages know, finding truly free photos on the web is not easy, because ...

  • images of search engines may be subject to copy right
  • often attribution to the author or even a backlink to the image source is required
  • the photo licence is unclear or even tedious to find
  • the usual public domain sources offer poor quality and high-quality photos are pretty rare
  • the images may not be altered
  • no use in commercial applications such as HubPages

The new image database Pixabay intends to close this gap now. At you will find thousands of high-quality photos that are 100% copyright-free and available even for commercial and offline use. Print out posters or t-shirts and sell them if you like. No sign-up is necessary, no attributions are required, and the download is very easy.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Three aspects of are extremely special:

  • All images may be used for commercial purposes and may be altered in any way
  • No credits, back-links or attributions of any kind are required
  • Due to high standards - only high-quality images are accepted for upload

Flower close-up
Flower close-up | Source

Any user can also upload own images and thus support the project. Tags are automatically translated into 20 (!!) languages, so virtually the whole world can profit from the public domain source. In addition to that, Pixabay donated 10% of it's income to charity.

And here's another great tip for you:
Royalty-free public domain clip-arts at


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    • nikhilsukumar profile image

      Nikhil Sukumaran 3 years ago from Bangalore

      Thank you for this information. I was searching everywhere for photos. Your article and the link deserves praise.

    • Xinyang Zhang profile image

      Xinyang Zhang 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      This is great information. Thanks very much.