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Article writing on Hubpages and ranking on Search Engines, an Experience worth sharing.

Updated on August 28, 2012

We've all seen the comment "Quality hubs, thrives" every time we begin to write a new article, but for most newbies such as myself, I've learned a little every time I began to write something new, whether it's from the Hubpages community or other sources outside of Hubpages, but I believe in order to thrive, and to help others thrive, it's important to share those experiences.

In the beginning, the motive for writing on hubpages for me was to build links, followed by earning money, I obviously didn't begin earning a whole lot but I figured, some extra money wouldn't hurt. Once I began seeing the earnings grow, my focus shifted from the link building goal to increasing earnings. This is where I began making the biggest mistake of all, increasing the quantity of hubs by writing what people want to hear, instead of writing quality hubs that provide answers or information that someone is looking for. I noticed the hubs that took me the least amount of time and with the simplest subjects written based on my experiences thrived the most.

I've gone back and fourth a few times on what to do in order to rank on search engines. I've learned much along the way from various SEO people outside of Hubpages and this is what has helped me increase the traffic to my hubs. Every website has elements that must be in the right place and properly done in order for that site to rank on search engines, the same method applies to the Hubpage articles we write.

Every website page has a page title, page description and keywords. Of Course, those all have to be relative and relating to the content shared. Research is key to ranking, sure you have important information to share but are you delivering it to the right audience, I've tried a few scenarios and I will give you the instructions exactly as I follow them, I have found this method to be successful.

  1. Decide what to write about and write it from the heart, do not write what people want to hear but merely do it naturally, if you are writing to help people, it will show.
  2. Use the free Google tools to research what people look for when they are looking for what you are writing about.
  3. Come up with a catchy title that's search engine friendly. The article title serves the same purpose as a page title on a web page, it's what tells readers whether they should continue reading or not, and it's one of the elements used by search engines when someone is searching for what you have to share.
  4. The research you've done should've helped you compile a list of tags to use, the tags serve the same purpose as keywords on a website page.
  5. Don't forget to fill in the summary next to tags, the summary serves the same purpose as a page description on web page. Short, sweet, to the point.

Once you've published a hub, don't forget to share it throughout the web on social media sites, and with people seeking answers or help for what you have to offer, remember to always link your existing hub to other hubs. These links and shares should be done where your information is needed and relative.

Now I must tell you that none of the above applies if you have garbage to share, the content you are sharing is the most powerful element of all, the rest of the elements are the icing on the cake, if you put icing on garbage, no one will go past the icing and come back for more.

I always described writing on the Internet as "Having the ability to write for humans and robots", what I always meant is to write for human eyes and to make things relative and in harmony between all the elements in order for the search engine gods to like what they scan. Trying hard to do this, can actually have a reverse affect, if you write what you know, somehow things seem to succeed, maybe they're god after all, they know when you cheat.

We're never too old to learn and unfortunately many of us have to go through trials and errors a few times, stumble along the way in order to come out a little more informed. I have found many people including myself in the beginning writing and sharing what people want to hear, using big words just to seem relevant and more important. I have found that the most successful writers, write from the heart, in simple plain English, and the articles that thrive and rank the most are the ones written straight from the heart. It took me a while to get here, but now I know that it's about quality and not quantity, people will read and share if they find what you write interesting, genuine and relates to them, and one of my favorite quotes from a brilliant blogger I've met, if you're a good writer, someone will read the article all the way to the end :-).


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    • Pascale1973 profile imageAUTHOR

      Pascale Skaf Saliba 

      6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Thank you and I appreciate you reading, I strive to continue on this path

    • tipstoretireearly profile image


      6 years ago from New York

      Your advice about writing from the heart rather than what we think people want to hear is dead on. I've also found that the hubs that I have the easiest time writing because I'm truly interested in the subject matter are more popular than the hubs I've written because I thought they were in subject areas that people want to read about. Great hub! Voted up.


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