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Quality vs Quantity When Blogging

Updated on July 11, 2012


For all bloggers, there are two ways to go when uploading contentent to your blog. You can either go for quantity and write lots of post hoping for viewers or write quality content as a way of getting lifelong viewers. Both ways are acceptable as neither is incorrect but your blog will benefit from one of them. For bloggers, it is not always clear to which way is best, this can result in poor results and low online earnings. In this post I will pinpoint the exact style you should use in your blog.


Uploading a significant amount of content can be hard for the owner of a blog. You must have the a reasonable schedule that allows for lots of research and writing. This can be useful for new blogs that want to get off the ground and attract the attention of it's target market. If your blogs purpose is to help people, it is always nice to have pre-written content that you can upload regularly until the traffic becomes consistant, once your blog is secured in it's niche, you can upload content on a schedule so your readers know when to visit instead of having to check back constantly with the hope of fresh content.

If your blog has anything to do with news or current events, it is good to upload a good quantity of content. You want to be known as the blog that gets all the latest news as soon as it happens and this can help you establish yourself. Even if your blog is just rumors, follow many sites and post whatever they post. However, make sure not to plagiarize their work as this can get you known for the wrong reasons.

I took this route when I first started blogging just over a year ago. Being in the technology and gadget niche, I followed many top sites like Engadget. I was well aware of the dangers of copying the work of others so I put as much of a spin an the words as I was able to, and linked back to the site of origin. It is always nice in terms of traffic to report on current, trending events.

This method is time consuming if you have a job. This is best if you have been laid of and have tons of free time. There have been many success stories of people making lucrative sites in today's bad economy.


Many readers look for blogs that upload useful, well thought out content. If you are knowledgeable in a helpful niche that people want to get into, this is the way to go. Your readers will be looking for useful content that can help them in the future. If you are into video games, you can offer in depth tutorials for the latest games. With this, you will not only get traffic, but you will get happy customers who continue coming back.

There's not much to this, but it is always key to use correct grammer. You must show that you proofread your work so the reader can get the most out of your content. I cannot say I write perfect but I do correct any mistakes I may come across. It is terrible when you read a blog that use bad grammer. Noboody lykes to raed contant likr this, or does not have any basic structure. I know I like to read content from a well educated blogger, people can at least use spell check.

On Hubpages, I try to create good quality content. I put a lot of time into my posts and may rewrite things multiple times. So far I have spent 40 minutes writing this hub and I still have to write a conclusion, which usually takes the longest. I upload content that people will find helpful, or at least I hope you have found this helpful.


To conclude this post, I would like to say, whichever method you choose, ensure that you are providing readers with what they want. Over time their trust will increase and the money will start coming in. Readers who trust you are more likely to buy affiliate products or click on your ads as they believe your recommendations are best for them. I also believe you should stick to a niche, I have not written about it in detail but you do not want to be caught selling baby products one day and review video games the next. I doubt there are any gamer babies who can search the internet. You may also add a bit of comedy so the reader does not get bored.

By getting this far in the post, I hope this was helpful. If you know anyone who may be interested in this post, feel free to share it with one the options below. Thanks for reading.


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