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Updated on May 30, 2011

What do you want to know ?How to get more Viewers ?

Do you want to ASK A Question but are not sure on who to ask ! Are you too busy to do research on the net or get frustrated with looking online as it seems to take too long ?

What would you like the answer to in hubpages??

" I won't get bogged down in questions that are controversial reguarding Religion/ Politics and other heavy subjects like that .

How can I meet a nice Guy/ Girl ?

Where can I Free Camp in Australia?

How Can I Earn while Travelling?

Is there life after a pacemaker ?

What is Kooday ?

What do I do if my child goes missing ? How can i find new friends ?

Questions _ questions that all need answers !

How Do I get more Traffic? Would you like to know how I did the words above ? Where can I get free photo's for my hubs ?!

On the internet I have noticed most people don't bother with a full question such as "Where can I meet a woman " They will just put " Meet woman" or " Man meet woman " or " meet local woman "!

Question Time !

Question Time !

 Would you like to know more about camping or traveling in Australia ? Where to camp for free or a great waterhole for swimming ?

As so many people don't have the time to spend on the net themselves I am happy to try help you find answers to your questions.

Maybe you would like to know how to get more viewers to your hubs or websites ? I will list a varied selection of questions and answers for you and please email me if you have a question for me .


How Can I get More Traffic ?

Where can I Get more traffic for my articles ?

Answer : If you want an amazing amount of traffic then I would join Tribe Pro as this site is FREE to join and it allows you to meet other like minded network marketers and to share each others content by syndicating it to a ton of different social sites on the Internet.

You can join as a paid member that allows you to auto submit your content and the automation of syndicating other peoples content. It is a great site with a lot of awesome people that have all been having tremendous success in driving traffic to their content. This content can be anything from hub pages ,blog posts, articles you post on article directories, YouTube videos, hub pages, squidoo lenses, or any type of content you can put out there. You can share all of this through the site and get tons of traffic pointed back to it.

How can I get more viewers for my hubs ?

Make a great hub with pictures , maps a video at least 800 words that is interesting for readers not a whole bunch of words bunched up that is difficult to read.

Use the right keywords to attract viewers to your hubs as well as promoting your site on Stumble upon, face book, twitter etc as well as  using " Ping my blog "

How can I make money ?

Join us here on hubpages , start writing hubs and earn from the ads on your hubs !

If this is not quick enough for you consider some of the other ways open to you have a read of some of my other hubs about earning while traveling for ideas .

Why not start to b uy & sell on ebay ? Go through your house and get together items you don't really need , get great photo's of them & put them up for sale !

Explore somewhere new

Find your Love- Top 10 Tips

 If you are really hoping to find love and not having a lot of success here are Ten top hints for you to consider .

Are you dressing the right way to attract a male / female to look at you for starters  & do you have a plasant welcoming smile on your dial so you look approachable ?

Do you make sure you brush your teeth , wash our hair and use deodarant so people can handle staying near you enough to learn a bit about you ?

Are you trying new areas to meet new people , new coffee shops , restaurants and so on rather than stick to the same places all the time ?

If you like animals have you considered a dog ? If a guy/girl owns a dog it usually means they are a nice caring person !

It makes it easier to start a conversation if you meet another dog owner & guys ... girls will often approach someone with a dog to make a fuss over the pet --- A Great opportunity to have a chat especially if they approach YOU!

Organise a group picnic in a park for a weekend lunch & ask everyone to tell their friends to come along !

This way no one is put out & if you do meet someone new at least you start out in open neutral territory rather than your place.

Try do a volunteer job where you will meet new people as well as make new friends!

Go on a holiday with a friend somewhere you haven't been before , another city or a country town !

Join a sporting club , maybe tennis , hiking, snorkeling, this will open up a new world of meeting people out of your usual day to day life !

How to meet Women


Where are there beautiful beaches ?

Beautiful Beaches- Australia!
Beautiful Beaches- Australia!


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