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Recipe for a Healthy Community

Updated on November 10, 2010
Healthy Food.Healthy Mindset.Healthy People.
Healthy Food.Healthy Mindset.Healthy People.

What is a "Healthy Community?"

When you ask people what makes a healthy community, the answer is almost always much broader than "medical care," "hospitals," "doctors," or "access to good health insurance." The people in a healthy community are safe and feel safe, are well informed, feel that they have the power to make choices, have lasting bonds with one another, have strong families, and a sense of meaning in their lives.The environment and aesthetics of an area have a huge impact on ones state of mind.If everyone shared a sense of pride in how their community was shaping up,what a transformation in appearance, and self esteem for all could be achieved!

Recipe For A Healthy Community




Any number,any size,any shape,any age.


Best quality,only small quantities required.



Full flavour,traditional variety.



A generous helping!!!



  1. Talk to as many fresh people as can be found locally.

  2. Sift out their spare time and individual talents.

  3. Blend and mix thoroughly.

  4. Season with a healthy sprinkling of reciprocity and add a hefty dollop of FUN ;)

 Enjoy the fruits of your labour :)

Reciprocity:A mutual or cooperative interchange of favors or privileges.

Helping Hands
Helping Hands

Just for Fun :)

Are you involved with charity or voluntary work?

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Asset Transfer Unit

Make a Change and Reach Out

Every institution in the community has an obligation to put something back into the community.This is available to every town,village and city in the world today through peoples' generosity in giving; whether it's in the form of monetary donations, the work you do, or the talent you make available. Things won't change unless you get involved. If you stand back you will have no effect, so either accept what's going on out there, or get involved.


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