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Tweak or Create a Winning HubPage with Proper Research & Resources

Updated on March 24, 2014

The best way to research is to follow these steps: (1) Write material that is in high demand with your target audience in mind. (2) Write what is popular. Write what your audience wants to know about. (3) Be sure the information that you provide to your audience is useful to them. (4) Find pertinent facts that will increase your credibility and update your audience on facts. (5) Finally, shine about your competition!

How to Write An Article – Researching


The most important part of your writing is appealing to your audience. If they aren’t intrigued, they will not keep reading. You want them to yearn to continue reading and learning as they read your article. You need to know what they want so that you can accomplish this task.

How do you learn what people want? There are many ways. It may take some leg work, Internet research, or just plain brainstorming. You want to research what is in demand with the population, so you will gain traffic to your website.

Doing the Hard Work:

(1) Ask your friends and family what they would want to read about.

(2) Question your boss or co-workers to find out what they are interested in.

(3) Overhear gossip, and find out what is being gossiped about.

(4) Be outgoing. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Find out what they have going on in their life, and deduce what they would find interesting. What would help them in their lives?

(5) Think about your friends and family members. What are their hobbies? What are their interests? If you were to buy them a picture, what would it be of? A deer? A baby? A teacher? Once you know what their passion is or what you believe it is, then you can use those subjects to go wild.

For example, if you have a friend that you would cross-stitch a baby picture for, because that is what is important to her in her life right now, then you will know that she would be interested in baby information. This is a very broad subject that you can narrow down by categories or by simply asking her what subject would help the most right now.

If you have a broad subject, you can narrow it down by going into categories. Each sub-category can give you an array of points or areas of emphasis. The following sub-topics may help you narrow down your large topics, such as a baby.

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Driving
  • Legal Matters
  • Cleaning
  • Decorating
  • Needlework
  • Crafts
  • Books
  • Concerts
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Motorcycles

This one is for you baby. I'm not a motorcycle fan, so I'm adding a picture, because my boyfriend is a motorcycle rider. :)
This one is for you baby. I'm not a motorcycle fan, so I'm adding a picture, because my boyfriend is a motorcycle rider. :)

  • Cars
  • Road Trips
  • Sports
  • Typing
  • Insects
  • Poetry
  • Beauty Care
  • Telephone
  • Computer
  • Eye Sight
  • Furniture
  • The Bible
  • History


This means asking them questions, researching on the Internet what is popular on the subject (Check out Yahoo! Answers), and asking them more detailed questions when you are inquiring about the broad categories.

Here is an example of how to be specific about a broad category (baby) that you have already narrowed down to a sub-category (health). Practice this strategy with things that interest you, and that come up as popular topics among your key audience.


HubPages that you can write about using this sub-topic – Baby’s Health. The list is endless. Many mothers spend most of their day researching specific illnesses they fear their child may have. If you look online to find out what mothers are researching the most, you will find an ace topic to write about.

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • Baby Medications
  • The Safety of Car Seats and Cribs
  • Measles and Chicken Pox
  • Baby Immunizations


Getting a good grasp on your audience and what they want to read about is an excellent start. However, if you know this information, but do not provide them useful or valuable information in your article, they aren’t going to want to read or recommend it to anyone else.

Ensure that you provide information that can help them. Teach them something new. Show them how to do something they do not know how to do. Explain a new process or way of doing something.


While providing your thoughts and theories on the subject is useful if this information is something that is relevant for the audience to know, offering hard evidence seals the deal. You want to show credibility. Show that you have researched the subject and know enough about it to write an article.

Illustrating facts, figures, charts, and graphs not only increases your credibility with your audience, but it also provides your readers with hard facts that they can make their own conclusions about. It gives them proof and evidence so that they can trust you and what you are writing about.


It’s very important to outdo your competition. This takes research. On Google, Yahoo, AOL, or Bing search for your subject to find out what others are writing. Make sure you aren’t just repeating the competition. Most of all make sure your article is the best!

Read all about the subject with the competition to gain new ideas and to ensure you are not copying ideas. Also, as you are brainstorming, reading the competition’s information may spark new ideas in your head that can lead to a better and more informative article compared to your competition.

Improve Your Writing

Article Writing Techniques

How to Write a Killer 500 Word Article FAST


There are dozens of ways to research. Research the different ways or practice them to find out what works best for you. Here are some options on how to brainstorm:

This website provides general writing information to help people write properly. It assists with research and can help you find the best subject for paper. The website has exercises and guides for MLA and APA styles of writing. If you are writing for school it is important to know how to do citations for MLA and APA styles of writing.

Doing proper research can increase your credibility as an online writer. Also, writing for the correct audience, giving them what they want, making the information useful and helpful, and making your audience want to read your article before theirs.


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