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Playing Bubblews

Updated on September 26, 2015

Everybody's Talking Bout

There are a few dozen articles about Bubblews on this site. In fact, it is the
talking point on a number of writing sites, from Wikinut to Triond.
Bubblews is the Talk of the Town.

And the Talk isn't Good.

I have written a few articles about the Bubble .. trying to warn the public that
the site is a scam. I have been viciously attacked by Shills, you know who I mean,
those semi-literate morons who claim that if you haven't been paid you broke the

The best and most complete article about the scam called Bubblews can be found at I exhort you to read it.

This article grew out of a comment I posted in which I mention the method taken by a friend of mine who has successfully scammed the scammer.

How She Did It

Noticing the extremely short
articles Bubblews accepted,
she went over items she had
written and published elsewhere.

Most sites demand 1000 words,
along with images, links, etc.

As the Bubble accepts articles
of only 400 characters, (less
than 400 words), every item
she already wrote could be
five on the Bubble.

She then began dumbing
down, going from University
level to Primary School.

No plagiarism checker would be alerted.

She slapped new titles on each of the items, then published one under a
Nick she'd chosen as her Bubblename.

Taking a Bit of Time

She returned to Bubblews the next day, noting how much $ her single extract had gained.
She went about the site reading and writing long comments on other articles as well as liking two articles each day.

She watched her Revenue, which mounted rather quickly. She waited three days before posting another extract.

She wanted to be active, but not that active, nor did she want to create a pattern.

Most of her activity was reading and commenting. It took her half a month to
publish all five of her extracts.

She continued commenting and liking for about five days, then began posting
extracts of another article.

Most of her labour was liking and commenting.

Looking Around

Most of her time was spent searching for items which were actually worthy of
being read.

Most Bubble crud is rubbish, especially those items posted by the most
vociferious shills.

It is obvious to anyone who reads what Shills post that no real site would
publish such rubbish. Clearly the Shills are fighting for survival.

My friend verified the quality of the writing of those who hadn't been paid, so as
to satisfy herself that any claim that 'they broke the rules' was dog poo.

By this time she had reached $25.00 (which was the original minimum for redemption).

Most of her revenue was gathered by commenting. The smallest portion was
made up of publishing her extracts.

She put in for her redemption and got it in three days.
She never posted another extract or did more than log in every two
to three days and check her bank.

Bubblews raised its threshold to $50. She waited for about a month, and learned
that Bubblews (which only paid most people once) had sort of screwed up so that
those who hadn't put in for a redemption at the new rate were treated as first time users.

She posted a few more extracts, commented, liked, and reached $50 and was paid again.

And You Can Do It Too!

Don't use your real name.
Create another user name,
another email account.

Use an American Proxy
Server. Americans get
paid faster than anyone else.

Considering how short
articles are accepted,
limit your output to 'extracts'.

Short articles, one idea, and done.

You can read a headline and make it into an article.
You don't need to do much research.

Whatever you publish should require virtually no work and have no sentimental value.

Focus on reading articles and making long comments; not just; "Good work!"
These long comments get you $$.

At the most, publish one or two items a day. Comment, comment and comment again.
Like and Like and Like again.

As you hit that magic $50, put in for your redemption, (which now takes a month) stop
writing. Stop everything. Wait.

Okay, if you are enjoying reading the items, go ahead, comment if you want, but know
this, you will get ONE redemption. Your First. It is very unlikely you will get another.

Your revenue will be set to Zero the second you push 'Redeem Now'.

When you get that first pay out, run.


Why should you feel guilty?

Bubblews is a scam which has ripped off hundreds, maybe thousands of people and will rip you off if you give them half a chance.

You aren't 'breaking' any rules by dumbing down your work and breaking it into
bite sized pieces.

If your tome was "Real Life Vampires" your extract can be titled; "Vampires Exist"
and you post one short extract.

One long article which covers six different 'Vampires' can be made into eight
articles, an introduction, each Vampire in his/her own article, and a closing.

Bubblews will Rip You off. It will give you the first pay, then nothing more.
Do a Google with Bubblews+Scam and see what you find.


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    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 2 years ago from Earth

      Their website totally sucks, but they did pay me consecutively, week after week, month after month, until about, oh, after I've been there for about 13 or 14 months. Then they changed a lot of the rules, payouts, etc. Now, they don't even admit to paying anybody. So much for their one-cent-per-view baloney. Speaking of that, they removed all the traffic stats as well, several months ago. It used to just be a fun spot to drop down and exploit the literary-challenged ones for easy greenbacks. Now, the naïve handicaps that type poppycock for pennies and/or the grammatically challenged ones are the majority of the people posting over there; ha!

      I'm wondering when that stupid site will ultimately fold up.

      Maybe they will just redo the coding, change the format, and turn it into an international dating site instead. LOL!

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 2 years ago

      I am surprised at the 'long life' Bub has had.

      This Dixit guy is a real top scammer.

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