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Secrets of Increasing your web traffic

Updated on August 11, 2012


Who ignores the importance of search engine traffic. The higher you rank in search engine the more successful you are. This guide offers advice on how to increase your search engine ranking and in turn your traffic

Search engine

Search engine is the most valuable of all the traffic that you can get. The main reason is that these are highly. Follow these steps and you will notice a rapid increase in your website traffic.

Make your Site Search Engine Friendly

Submit your site to various Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Msn. Dont ignore the smaller search web directories as well. Remember the more places your site is listed the more it improves your website ranking. So a good ranking in some smaller web directories could also improve your ranking in the Giant search engines as well

Meta Tags

Meta tags are tags which are embedded in the header section of the page and tells the Search engine about the topic of your website. Meta tags are not being used today by most Search Engines but they should not be ignored. The most important keyword of the page and the a short description of the page with a high keyword density should be used in a meta tag.


Link popularity is the most important thing today when it comes to search engine traffic. Search Engine ranks website on the number of websites that connect to that website. So the more sites link to you the higher you rank in the search engines. This can be achieved by joint ventures with other websites. Remember that the quality of the website that link to you also matters as a bad website could decrease your ranking and a good one could increase it.


Join forums related to your topic. Remember to post something daily. Make your reputation as a guide to other people in the forum. But dont just send out spams. Guide people about different topics. Leave your link in your signature. If someone likes your post there is a good chance that he will take a look at your site as well. There is also a chance that he could keep your link on his own website so it can provide you with some free backlinks as well.


Visit other peoples blog related to the topic of your website. Most blogs allows you to leave a comment about the topic being discussed. Add insightful comments with a link to your website and dont just give out a spam.

Spread the word out

Tell the world about your Website. Phone your friends and people you know, email them. Tell them what your site is about. Facebook, twitter and orkut are a great way to tell other people about your website. I tried them and the results from twitter were decent so they are worth a try.

Write Articles

Write articles about your topic. Dont forget to put a link to your website in it. But the article should be different from the one in your website. People love free content. They may put the article on their websites which could provide you with free traffic and valuable backlinks.

Advertise your website at free classified ad sites

These are worth trying and the best part is that they are free. There are tons of websites like these the most popular are Craigslist, Inetgiant and Freeadvertisingforum.

Using websites like Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is a website where you can submit your websites. When someone searches for the topic related to your website, it is likely that it ends up on your site. There are many websites like Stumbleupon eg, Digg, Spinsnap and reddit. They are free and provide good results.


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    • anasshad profile image

      Anas Shad 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Its so nice of you sir i look forward to more of your visits thnx

    • checkmad7 profile image

      checkmad7 8 years ago

      Very clear, simple and concise. Thanks for the tips, Annasshad!