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Top 20 Blogging Ideas,Social Worker Earns $2000 A Month With One Blog

Updated on June 26, 2017

Top 20 Bloggin Ideas

If you want to be among the "top bloggers" there are certain steps you must follow, you can be earning a yearly income of over $250,000 quickly. John Yeo is the publisher of a program called "Bloggers Paycheck" he helps others daily by offering critiques and step by step to creating the perfect blog. John was just a while ago a full time social worker engaged to marry,he created a simple wedding blog with no experience, he wasn't looking to earn any money it was just a simple gift to give to his wife. It quickly took off earning him profits of over $2000 a month(Just one blog did this) You do not have to be a blogging expert,he's ready to show you how he did this as many successful bloggers would not because they'd be afraid of losing money out of there pockets. If you interested in finding out how John did this, and how he can definitely help you, you must be absolutely focused on learning which will require time and effort.

Johns Paycheck Photo Proofs, Wouldnt you love to have this?

Let's Start

Top 20 Blogging Ideas

1. Create an interesting subject

2. Research your subject and ad personal experience

3. Be willing to accept critique in comments

4. Create different blogs, many topics will expand your followers

5. Make it fun to read but also fact filled

6. Always update each blog with new information

7. If one blog has a huge following make it your top blog adding continuations in different subjects

8. Submit to more than one blog site,but always post link back to main blog

9. Submit to search engines to create more traffic

10. Never submit the same blog to search engines more than one time,it may hurt your page rankings

11. If you are an affiliate offer items that have something to do with your blog,helpful info etc

12. Make it a job but dont put too much pressure on yourself

13. Ask questions or welcome others to submit something to your blog

14. Purchase helpful reading materials,make sure its based on accurate information

15. Offer incentives such as free ebooks to your blog followers,subscribers

16. Respond to all questions quickly

17. Use link exchange to promote your blog further,or Google adwords advertising

18. Always use a spell check or editor software for better quality written articles or blogs

19. Send a thank you to your blog fans and check up on them to see what they're doing from time to time

20. Always try to make your blog differ from others because chances are someone is always writing about the same subject,make yours stand out.

Dont wait for others to respond to your questions asking for help, be willing to help yourself.


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    • Ultimate Hubber profile image

      Ultimate Hubber 8 years ago

      Looks like I have hit gold!

      Great ideas for blogging.