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New lens format review

Updated on October 21, 2014
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I was previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing, beauty and anything else that inspires me

New dashboard & format Is it helpful, or more of a pain?

Frankly the few times I've used it, I've found the new versions inferior. I don't like the set-up and frankly where is the regular You tube modules? (Sorry but the 2 in 1 video module just does not cut it. As for the new lens format, no matter what subject it is or WHOSE (& its no fault of yours) it is; they all just look the same.

I have found there are modules that seem no longer available, or they're just hard to find. For that reason I will continue to use the old version only. I think that set up is easier and more eye friendly (at least for mine, and frankly when it comes to the writer that's what matters.) Having the menu on the left does not suit all.


Sometimes it's better and just needs getting used to

but in this case, it needs to get sacked.

How to make the new version better - if that's even a possibility

  1. bring back the regular You tube module
  2. bring back the Zazzle module that was discontinued. (Why was it in the first place?) Some of us made accounts just because you had those available.
  3. The 2 in 1 video module needs to be adjusted the picture needs to be bigger or in a way that you can toggle it so that the lens reader can make the screen a bigger size (on the lens) or the lens maker can choose where on that screen (up down left right whatever side) they want the text to be (as to why they included it)

    This module also needs to be made as the You tube one was when picking videos. The you tube module we were able to put a direct link to the video we wanted. With this one we have to go through them, pick them, then after that watch them which takes twice as much time and when we don't like what we see, we have to go through it all again.

  4. 1 thing I do like, is the way the themes come up (instead of having to preview we can already see what it will look like)

    Though I do have more ideas for themes. (which I wish we could get a new one a month that everyone tosses in their ideas & we pick say 3 to keep.)

  5. I checked under the all modules list and I still don't see ALL of them, at least not the amount there were when you searched with the old version.

    Am I the only one that actually still occassionally looks to see if there is anything else of modules I don't use often that would work with my lens?

  6. Table of Contents (option in intro mod)

    You are able to select this but still have to add the table of contents it seems.

    How about making the TOC a MUST when you have more than 5 modules to the lens, or better yet, when using the new version make it so that it's an automatic through that tab that it will be included.

  7. I thought the AMazon Recomendations & Search were supposed to be discontinued If we are supposed to include a 'review' of why we added it etc to the lens then those should not be used.
  8. Checking on the old version I see ALOT of modules missing when in the 'browse all' alot of letters are missing to browse through now I know all (but maybe 2-3 letters at least Q, W & X) had modules listed under them.

    I hope those that are missing from that list are still working on the lenses we created, like the weather one as well as the hometown stats, which was great for travel pages

  9. no less than 5 modules

    Now I am all for as much content as far as information goes on lenses, and I am one that somewhat complained of others only using the intro only and jsut adding whatever else so the lens did not help with the information I was looking for. Now I find lenses that are even more garbage then previous way. I will admit I am also tattling on myself with this, as there's just certain topics I want to do a 'short' lens about, that a single 1 or 2 modules (not including the intro) would work for the entire lens. (for instance this lens I was going to just note what I thought needed to be fixed with the new dashboard/lens format as my version of the review or my macbeth lens I only wanted to included a whimsy amazon module to 'make your own witches brew' as well as a review of my copy of macbeth and a movie version.

    I find myself throwing almost any modules in just to fill out the rest of the module requirements. What that that entail, well most likely featyred lens (wheather its needed or not same for additional amazon modules, writing anything in black boxes or fill with a quote. meanwhile sometimes this (like adding additional quotes) ends up bringing the dreaded "Did you read out Originality pact" pop-up. So now my newer lenses to me feel like garbage as I'm forced to include 5 modules which as far as when I make the lenses the 'report card' doesn't count 5 modules (not counting the intro) after I have OVER 5 modules added is when it checks off the 5 or more modules on the check list.

  10. I did the favorite Movie quest (review) and wanted to add a featured lenses section and becasue it was already at 100% it would not let me add that.

What do you think of the new lens format - or dashboard

So what is your opinion of them?

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