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Support Your Fellow Hubber

Updated on September 22, 2012

It seems to me that I am beginning to spend more and more time putting my thoughts in print with vey little income from doing so.I hear some are doing OK.I read other hubbers pages when I am searching for a particular product or service, why not? You probably wouldn't even know how many times I found what I was looking for just reading and searching through my fellow hubbers articles,clicking on some Google ad, but only if I'm looking for that particular item in the ad. Some hubbers have niche websites that have advertised products and services on their articles links, so I use that site to buy what I need and bookmark it, "really', I do that, so I can come back later and buy the item, and guess what, my fellow hubber gets credit.If you like the article,click for credit is my motto.It has been a long road of mistakes trying to make some money on the Internet and it all started with myself on You Tube , just copy and paste; gogonzola meatballs, not bad for a beginner. I have websites that have crashed and burned. I have some making money and some showing great promise.What is it that makes someone click on that particular ad? Is it an interest in the material on your site or just something that catches the eye. I have thought long and hard about my own movements around the Internet and what appeals to me when I am searching.

One thing that I have noticed is the Google ads can be blended very nicely into a website and somtimes can be made to look like part of the site,like my site on Social Security On some ads the Google ad logo has been covered or removed, making it look more like information rather than an advertisement, I wonder can they do that? On Hub Pages you have no control of placement of ads or schemes but I am beginning to understand your content is what may induces people to click on an ad and not because it's been disguised.With that aside we can all help each other with constructive feedback on articles, which I need, and buying through those linked websites.

I am going to continue building websites, dreaming up the next big money making site.My curent project is my site called Build A Website For Free, really! How about a massage, you can find one. While dreaming up a website it seeems as though everything has been done but in reality it has not. I thought I came up with the number one draw in a website, and when I typed in the keywords search, there were over ten million sites like it. Could everybody be that sharp? I think with the current unemployment rate nearing 10% that there could be another million people trying to put websites together. All I have to do is wait until they go back to work and their domains drop out.I am sure there are some unemployed hubbers out there that could use a couple bucks.

For now I will continue to support my fellow hubbers,click an ad now and then, buy through their website's and do the best keyword and website building that I can dream up. Maybe someday I can make some real cash doing it.


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    • profile image

      smakram 6 years ago

      Keep up the good work!

    • becca storer profile image

      becca storer 7 years ago from U.K

      I enjoyed reading your hub, It's nice to know that we can support each other on hubpages.