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Updated on November 6, 2007

The original of the list is here on my blog. You are free to read from hubpages or go check out with images and links at my blog.


StumbleUpon is a toolbar which you can use to stumble through web pages people liked and it will drive traffic to your page if you have a good content. StumbleUpon is the source of the most traffic to my blog. It is superior than other social bookmarking services because it can't be spoiled. Most of the social bookmarking services depend on you to promote your link and ask people for votes. StumbleUpon prevents such actions because it bans your account if you submit your own pages too much. If you have a good content people will favor it by clicking "I like it!" and your page is displayed to other stumblers and attract more audience. Even if you find a way to promote your page from several accounts or stumble exchanges people who stumble your page will rate it and the traffic will vanish in time if there is no good content. To benefit from StumbleUpon you must be a good stumbler and contribute to the system. (You can start being a giver by giving a thumb up for this post if you liked:) I will write a more detailed review about StumbleUpon in following days, it deserves more attention.


Digg is another social network service which has its own ups and downs. It has good integrating with your blog and widely used system among bloggers but I think that it's losing it's purpose. If you are not in the first page of digg there isn't much chance that you will get traffic and to get into first page you must ask people for diggs. I think that this service isn't the dream service for beginner bloggers because you have to spend too much effort for getting diggs and I beleive it is better to spend this time blogging.

- Sphinn

Sphinn is a new social bookmarking service just like Digg, but unlike Digg it is not spoiled yet. There are people actually commenting and reviewing each others submits and I think it is a great place for starters. For me it doesn't drive much traffic but better days are to come introduced the tag system for internet searches and still widely used creates traffic to your submitted posts.


Reddit is another social bookmarking service with a cute logo and they create some traffic. Compared to the effort you spend on other services this one is an easy to go service. Just use it.

Blog Networks


Technorati is a blog search engine working with a voting system for submitted posts and you can fave your favorite blogs. (You can favorite BloggerDollar by the image above) Technorati is actually ranking each blog by a ranking system called authority which is actually number of links to your blog. So as a new blogger you will have a low authority which means low traffic. I had one of my topics in Hot WTF's for days but still didn't get any noticeable traffic. They have canceled submitting new WTF's lately so I guess there will be a change in their system.


Although named as a blog directory, blogcatalog has a good forum like network where you can meet new bloggers or ask for diggs and votes.

- Bumpzee

Bumpzee is a more advanced bloggers network letting you use a widget for viewing the recent visitors to your blog and they have a community system like in blogcatalog.


Blogrush is an eye candy widget displaying posts from other bloggers on your sidebar. You earn credit for your traffic and your posts are displayed in other blogs. They recently started cleaning out their users for a higher quality of posts. I started receiving a little traffic from them so I try to see the light at the end of tunnel. They also have a referral system so that people who sign up from your blog earns credits for you also. So why don't you be a good boy and sign up from here (Don't worry it doesn't effect your credits)

Blog Directories

There are also lot of blog directories that I signed up which you can see in the side bar. Some of them require placing their link on your blog, some of them don't (I put them all in my sidebar to share with you). They don't create much traffic but a good way to increase your blogs visibility in search engines.


If you are a blogger and you want attention to your blog then you must pay attention to other blogs. Visiting other blogs and commenting on their posts will both spread out your name and also motivate people to visit your blog. As I said before don't be a taker be a giver.

Most of the listed services won't bring you traffic immediately (Actually StumbleUpon does) but those methods will help you in long term so participate in each service and experience it yourself. If you have any other services you want to recommend please comment.


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    • ShaamCA profile image

      ShaamCA 5 years ago from India

      BlogRush is new to me.thanks for sharing some information about it.we need to wait for some time to get a massive may take few months also.

    • profile image

      iso 9000 6 years ago

      I appreciate your post. I also wrote that SMS advertising provides a cost effective method of targeting promotions to specific customer profiles. You might want to remind customers of specific events or promotions, but for whatever reasons, SMS allows you to pass information directly to the right customer at very affordable prices and fast delivery.

      iso 9000

    • profile image

      Christina Bell 7 years ago

      This is great information. I've had good experiences with several of these dites. I have to say that Reddit has a core group of users who are exceedingly unpleasant and will leave nasty comments on people's submissions. I've not only noticed this on my submissions, but on others as well.

      Stumbleupon has been great.

    • John Z profile image

      John Z 8 years ago from Midwest

      Thanks for the good feedback. I think stumbleupon gives the best traffic for me at this time. Great hub!

    • Mkcoy profile image

      Mkcoy 8 years ago from London

      Quality. I am looking for alternative places to get my blogs listed and this just goes to show I don't know them all.

    • Courtney James profile image

      Courtney James 8 years ago

      Although I'm not a stranger to social media I had no idea that some of these sites existed.

      I'm actually pretty excited now.

      Can't wait to visit a few of these and decide which ones to use.

      Thank you. :)

    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 10 years ago

      Thanks BloggerDollar!! Let's hear it for BIG BUCKS!! Blessings, Earth Angel!!

    • bloggerdollar profile image

      bloggerdollar 10 years ago

      Thanks EarthAngel, bringing more traffic to Hubs will make Paul, Robin and all hubbers happier beleive me :)

    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 10 years ago

      Again, GREAT information for us newbies!! All we can do to bring more traffic back to HubPages sounds good to me!! I think so many of us are die-hard-loyals to Paul, Robin and the entire Hub gang that we didn't consider how it could BENEFIT HubPages!! Thanks again!! Blessings!! Earth Angel!!

    • bloggerdollar profile image

      bloggerdollar 10 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Paul. I wrote this review to be a source for the bloggers to gain some attention and create a community.

      Facebook, myspace and Hi5 are great social sites but not suitable for blog traffic so I try not to use them for my blog community for avoiding spamming.

      I hate spammers and wouldn't like to be seen as one :)

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 10 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      Interesting list. I would have expected facebook, myspace, bebo, tagged, and Hi 5 on the list. I'll have to check out some of the blog sites.