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The Advantages Of Writing On HubPages

Updated on August 4, 2014

Site Unseen ( a play on words--site instead of sight--get it?--oh well, I tried)

First to clarify HubPages is not paying me to write this article. I write this of my own free will and volition but I won't turn down any gratuity that comes my way.

The title of this piece might sound self serving but it is true. There are definite advantages to writing on HubPages that are not available on any other sites on the web.

HubPages provides a unique opportunity that is not found elsewhere and I hope to do them justice in this expose.

Ease Of Writing

The ease of writing on HubPages has a lot to do with the way that the site is set up. From the software used to the friendly staff and writers on the site it has a family-like feeling to it.

People who write on HubPages can feel right at home and comfortable on the site because of the vast amount of available information to help you write, publish and promote articles.

The staff is friendly, informed, professional and helpful. They respond to inquiries in a reasonable time period which only adds to the joy of being on the site.

All and all you will be hard pressed to find a more engaging, friendly and helpful writing site than HubPages.

How am I doing so far boss??

Just kidding. I'm a freelance writer and work only for myself.

Ability To Earn Residual Income

What is residual income? I'm glad you asked. residual income is earnings that continue to come to you long after you have published an article. that is why it is good to write articles that have a long "shelf life." Articles that will continually draw interest for months and years to come are ones with a good shelf life. Writing period pieces about subjects that come and then go away will not draw the interest needed to earn residual income.

Health articles, technical articles and pieces on subjects that never go out of style are what you want to write about. Current events and sports events are examples of articles that you should avoid writing about because they have a limited period of interest that will fade and go away most likely never to return again.

Writing articles with a "forever" appeal is what you want to shoot for (not literally shoot of course---again being facetious).

In doing so you will ensure that your articles earn income indefinitely.

User Friendly Software

The software used to compose articles on HubPages is second to none. The applications on the site are state of the art and very easy to use. The system literally assembles the article for you leaving you to concentrate on simply writing.

The Hub capsules give a writer the ability to put together an eye-catching piece that has an artistic quality and flair that is attractive and draws the reader into the landscape of the composition.

The connect-the-dot system used by hubPages allows the writer to systematically structure their piece following a roadmap laid out for them by the article construction program. This enables a writer to simply "fill in the blanks" without worrying about article setup.

The ability to move the capsules around within an article provides the opportunity to arrange the components in a piece in the most logical and inviting way.

With all of these utilities at a writer's disposal writing on HubPages is literally 1-2-3.

Community Support

The HubPages community is a user-friendly environment where a writer can get help with any problem that they may have writing for the site. The writers along with the staff provide insightful assistance to those who may be having difficulties.

Not every writing site can boast to having such an informative group of people who are also willing to help others with their problems.

Most often inquiries are answered swiftly with information that is beneficial and positive.

The HubPages community prides itself on being a user friendly environment which only adds to its appeal.

Immediate Publication

The ability to immediately publish an article is a unique quality of HubPages. Many writing sites require a waiting period to get and article online that can be up to two weeks or more. With HubPages your written piece is instantaneously published which increases its chances of drawing viewers.

Although there is a quality check that is conducted when an article is submitted for publication an article is still visible to the public while that check is going on. this feature makes HubPages stand out from other writing sites with longer waiting periods and less reliable quality control checks.

Immediate publication also means a writer has a chance to start earning revenue right away and this adds to the appeal of writing for HubPages. The faster an article is in circulation the sooner it can start generating income for the writer, the ad vendors and HubPages.

Its a win-win-win (if there is such a thing).

Search Engine Visibility

Being a HubPages writer has its advantages also in the fact that being a well-respected writing site it is high on many search engines including Google and Bing. Its longstanding reputation for producing quality web content has given HubPages a high ranking among online search engines. And everyone knows the higher the search engine ranking the higher the viewership.

With billions of people on the internet daily a high search engine rating ensures that thousands of potential viewers are just waiting to see your article. And again, the more viewers the more earning potential.

HubPages alone has over 100,000 Hubbers in its community making it one of the largest online writing communities on the internet.

So, if you are looking for a place to display your writing talents and earn revenue to boot you would have a hard time beating what HubPages has to offer.

And that is an unsolicited endorsement from me.

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    • pradiiphira profile image

      Dr Pradip Hira 

      4 years ago from Ahmedabad-India

      Yes you are right, I started here one year ago, but due to some reason I was not able to come here but still all my hubs are getting views from search engine and I am gaining, yes it's little bit but from now I am starting here once again.

    • LailaK profile image


      4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Sooo true! HubPages has a phenomenal community and peer members we can get advice and help from. I was soo worried about harsh critisims on my hubs, but was so happy to find out that hubbers enjoyed reading my work. Voted up and away!


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