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The Art of Living in Spirit

Updated on April 12, 2015

"Why don't you create a hub on the Art of Living in Spirit ?"

"Why not? ",I replied."Let me check in my Archive first".

Insights vs Inner Critic

An insight was given on Saturday evening as a strike back to an inner critic voice.

A sort of an - inner critic- mess with a few upheavals like an emotional whirlpool!

"What kind of lens should I start creating onHubPages ?"

Yeah,this sort of mess...

As a miracle -maker my heart became my Holy Guide on this emotional turbulence and provided with a huge, inspirational and motivational insight to deal with the following days to come!


Higher Purpose is needed

Actually,on my various articles posted on my network , I am emphasizing the sense of a Higher Purpose as well as I encourage readers to overcome any gloomy life-scams and evolve.

On this hub I am willing to share with you my love for Knowledge and Inspire people to Love it (as well).

"The most important thing to remember is when on emotional disorder transform your energy into a creative and imaginary pool of infinite opportunities.

Let your Heart transform this energy into creativity"

*Spiritual Quotes by Katerina Kostaki

Darkness as a fruitful essence?

Sometimes our darkest moments,negative thinking and mood can be a supportive essence for our spiritual and creative purpose.

We can learn much from our experiences and feelings especially if we write down on journal or diary whatever appeals much or less on our sensitivity and thus create a useful and inspirational stuff .

Learning to live in the Art of Spirit

So the question is :"Do we really need to learn on the Art of living in Spirit?"

The options are just two:

1. Teachability is the case.We need to learn more on Spirituality for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation

2. We are realists.No need to seek for Spiritual means and skills on Self-Transformation.

However the choice is yours!


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