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The Google Method for Writing Articles on HubPages

Updated on November 8, 2011

To write a quality article on HubPages you need original (not copied) content, correct spelling and punctuation, correct grammar and a good length of articles (400-1000 words)

To increase traffic you need a great title, don’t use punctuation in the title when you initially publish the article and good tags (40 max for HubPages)

Having written an article, you need to backlink or bookmark your article

Promoting your Hubs and Increasing your HubPages Traffic by Using Bookmarks and Backlinks

How to Increase Traffic to Your Hub, Blog or Website with Bookmarks

Google wants quality and quantity of backlinks. When you write an article, link back to the other articles you have written. Have a look at your traffic sources to see where your traffic is coming from, then you will see if your bookmarks are working.

If you can write an article well for Google, it’s going to work well for the HubPages ad program too.

Enter a word into the Google search. It’s called Google suggest. When your first word is in the Google search engine, Google will suggest other words that go with your first word. Using this, you can build up key words and develop other ideas for your title.

When you have possible good words for your title, put them in the search engine on HubPages. You are looking for a topic that few people have already written about.

When you have your possible title, enter your words into the Google adword tool. You need to have an account and you need to sign in. You need to see if there are any advertisers linked to the words. You are looking for the competition to be around 70-80%, 1,000 to 10,000 on the Global Monthly Searches and $1 to $10 on the average CPC.

Then have a look at the words in the list and see what is being advertised. Make sure that the words offered are on your chosen subject. For instance, if you are writing about bike rental, you don’t want a lot of adverts about car rental.

To write your title, look for five key words. Try and get about five key words from the Google key word tool. The adverts and the prices are not fixed. If you write an article today on a topic, the subjects and prices could change next week. Companies have advertising budgets and when the money is spent, they don’t pay for any more ads. It’s worth going back through your older articles and check that the adverts still work. That’s why it’s good to write on an evergreen topic.

To get a good topic, you need people searching for it and then relevant adverts on a topic.

Just write the first paragraph, and then take the whole paragraph and put it back into the Google Ads keyword tool to see if you can improve on the keywords you’ve used. That also gives you a hint as to what tags to use. The maximum number of tags on HubPages right now is 40. Don’t use too many tags. Some people say only to use 5 tags.

When once you have uploaded the article, add your URL to Google.

If you don’t do that, Google still finds it eventually, but telling Google means it enters the Google searches sooner.

It’s a good idea to write multiple related hubs together.

When you have written an article, put links in that article to some of your previous articles. I like to aim for 3 links to previous articles, mine or someone else’s. You can link to articles outside of HubPages, but the maximum number of links to any one website is 2.

The Google Method for Writing Articles

· Choose a title

· Check your title in the keyword tool, list your keywords

· Write your article

· Put your first paragraph into the keyword tool, make any corrections

· Upload your article

· Add your URL to Google

· Add tags

You can see more in the following video

Google Method for Writing Articles on HubPages


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    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 6 years ago from South England

      Excelent and informative hub. I have bookmarked it so i can come back and read it again, voted up and useful :)

    • profile image

      blog8withJ 6 years ago

      Useful hub. A practical guidelines for new hubbers.

    • Laura Ginn profile image

      Laura Ginn 6 years ago from UK

      Definitely a great article. I am going to go over some of the hubs I have written and include links to my other hubs in them. I knew about the Google keyword tool but the rest is all new to me... thanks for sharing :D

    • Pamela N Red profile image

      Pamela N Red 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great information for new writers that need to know how the process works.