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4 Tips for Writing Great Hubs

Updated on August 9, 2011

Hello Hubbers.

Look at your Hub.

Now back to mine.

Not back at your hub.

Now back to mine.

Sadly, it isn't mine.

But if you stopped using dated techniques and started using these tips, it can look like mine.

Look down.

Back up.

Were are you.

You're reading the hub your hub could look like.

What's in your hand?

Back at me.

I have.

It's a hub with 4 tips for that thing you like.

Look again.

The tips are now traffic.

Anything is possible when your hub is like mine and not his.

I'm on a horse.

Not really, but did you see what I did there? You didn't? Well I didn't either. However, I will now give you tips on making your hubs look like the hub you wish your hub looked like. I guess it's time to stop with the Old Spice parodies and start helping you with your hubs.

1. It's All About the Intro

If you have gotten this far I must have done a good job with my intro. Very often a reader doesn't even get beyond your opening paragraph. When hearing this I was confused but then I found myself hitting the back button as soon as I read the first sentence. By creating my own little spin on the Old Spice commercials. As soon as you saw this I'm pretty sure you had to keep reading, I hope. With Hubpages, as well as many other sites, only a small portion of your post is shown when the reader searches for it. If the reader likes the little sneak preview, he or she will continue reading.

All hope hope is that the same applies to the second paragraph and you will keep reading.

2. Your Best Offense is Humour

Continuing on with the parody situation, readers like a bit of humour (good old fashion humour is better than cat videos). I decided to parody the Old Spice guy because I thought you would find it funny. If you didn't, at least your still reading my hub. Humour helps the brain 'chew' the info before it is digested, or take it in. That's what I heard and I asked the same question: Since when did my brain chew?

WARNING: Less funny content ahead.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Another thing I've heard via the grapevine... or a little birdie. This one can go two ways and I'll tell you why. Firstly, you have the quality of communication. It is hard to read a post with terrible grammar and bad spelling and most of the time the reader will turn the other cheek when the sense that you haven't put any effort into your writing (at this point I just hope I haven't made any silly mistakes). Secondly, you have to stick to your topic. Personnel anecdotes are fine and can help your reader understand the situation, but when you begin talking about something totally different the reader will leave you on the side of the street.

4. Oo Pretty

You may not worry about it, but it's always nice to make your hub look good. Photos can add a lot of depth to your content an give your reader a break from the boring black and whit text, but that's the last the you should worry about. A photo, much like your intro, encourages people to click on our hubs. On the feed, a photo makes the reader interested in your hub and it doesn't make the post seem boring and wordy. The picture I used is a Hubpages logo which is related to this post, it's not too crazy but it does a lot to help with getting a reader to click your hub. In a post I wrote about washing cars I used a photo of a female washing a car. The post was focused on teen males so why not, we all know what it's like.

So Long

So, I guess it's time to say goodbye and I hope you found this helpful. I am not good at writing conclusions but please leave a comment to show how much you care.

Also, follow my hubs for my next tip:

Why you should follow my tips and not my competitor's


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