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The Importance of Anchor Text Backlinks and Page Rank

Updated on September 17, 2010

Anchor Text Backlinks are very important when it comes to SEO.

What is an Anchor Text Backlink? An Anchor Text Backlink is one which is hyperlinked words that direct you to a website/ page. They will be relevant of what you will find on the website they are directing you to. Say it was a website on selling Pet Supplies and they used Pet Supplies as their Anchor Text but their website might be something like for example. Instead of you seeing the website as you would see it as Pet Supplies.

Why do people use Anchor Text in their backlinks? Anchor Text within backlinks can help the search engines recognise what your website is actually about. It is just one of many steps to getting your website ranking high within the search engines.

When backlinking a lot of people try and create Backlinks in as many places as possible and on pages that are not even relevant to what their webpage is about. This can be very bad for your website over a length of time as the search engines can pick up on this type of backlinking.

You should always try and have plenty of quality backlinks coming from pages and forums that are relevant to your website to avoid these problems.

A lot of people say that PR (Page Rank) is dead and is not used to determine your place in Google. I find that this is not correct as it is still a factor that is used by Google to rank you accordingly. Just because a PR5 is below a PR2 for certain keywords doesn't mean that we should rule out Page Rank altogether as other factors such as domain age, overall relevant backlinks, and website content will all play a part in where you rank. A website that is easy to navigate and has easy to read page descriptions and page titles will also help you.

Steps to Increase your Page Rank

The easiest and best way to increase your page rank in my opinion is to provide plenty of original and quality content on your page.  This coupled with some backlinking strategies using social media can be really powerful when used correctly.

I usually will create new content and then submit my page to the following social media networks.
There are plenty of other social media networks you can submit to but I usually just submit to those ones as they have massive amounts of traffic to them daily.

Make sure that you use great titles that people are going to want to read.  It is no good creating a title saying Make Money Online, there are thousands of those posted every day and people don't want to know about it, because it is always the same old garbage.  Add an exciting title that will make the reader curious and want to read.  When they click they will see that it is quality and unique content and then they are more likely to share the information with other people via social media.

I have done many searches for my website and have seen pages that I have posted retweeted 20 or 30 times by other people just because the content was valuable.  Each time someone takes you information and shares it you are creating more backlinks. 

You will find that quite a few backlinks are no follow which means that they are generally no good for helping you rank well within the search engines but they can still help with getting traffic to your website. 

Do follow links are the best as the search engine picks up these links and it provides link juice to your website. 

Page Rank goes from 0 to 10, with 10 being the best.  I usually aim to get links from websites that are PR4 or above and are relevant.  Having too many dofollow links from unrelated websites can have a negative outlook for your website over time.

The search engines get smarter all the time and are constantly changing.  What may work today, may change tomorrow, but generally if you follow the rules of creating backlinks only from relevant pages and using correct anchor text, as well as optimising your websites Titles, Keywords, Page Descriptions and quality online content you can't go wrong.

Quality and Authority goes a long way within search engines like Google.  If you have backlinks from plenty of PR4 websites you are likely to do a lot better than if you were to backlink from say a PR1 or PR2 website.  While it is also good to pick up links from these, you should aim for PR4+ websites as well to help you lift your website above your competition.  It shows google that a high quality website with high authority is recommending your website and they would mostly only do this if your page is of a high standard.

Always remember to ping your page after you have finished as well, as it will help bring more exposure to your page.


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      yandi 5 years ago


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      Amrish Singh 7 years ago

      If we have to optimize different keywords then needed to use different keyword?

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      SEO Services - 7 years ago

      this is really very good informative information & i will do the same thing for my SEO Services India keyword will help me a lot........ i hope so that..

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      webconnect 7 years ago

      hi do you have any technique to use anchor text not look like spam and help to approve my link comments....


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