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The Importance of Traffic to Your Online Business

Updated on April 11, 2014

Traffic is the heart of your business

You have created your store and stock it with best products you can afford, what do you do now? You need customers. Therefore you advertise by flyers, Town cry, business cards, on the Radio, TV. , internet ; you give away free products, all these are geared to get people visiting your store so that they will buy and you get an increase in profit and keep a sustainable viable business.

Why should this be any different with your online business? After spending so much time and energy in learning to build a website or you have paid so much money to have a website up and running ,the immediate need now is to get individuals to see your site. This is referred to as traffic

Submitting your site to Google, MSN, and Yahoo is one of the first steps to take ,but ,make sure your site has content or products that people are searching and that Google this is of value to customers.

Submitting your site to other search engines is encouraged, some search engines allow you to submit for free while others charge. Some will charge a onetime fee while others charge a monthly fee. Some fees are reasonable while some charge exorbitant fees .You task is to research to see who offers you the best value for money.

However the best way to make your online business profitable is to get tons visitors to your site and that in itself is a skill to be learnt. To understand what I am really talking about is to watch this video high-traffic-Lesson.

Did you know there are many software out there that can get you tons of traffic ? These can be very good and helpful in saving time and generate lot of visits if you want to sell products on your site and you want maximum exposure. However you have to be careful using software to generate traffic if you use them on your sites that display Google Adsense. This is a no, no with Google and they will band your site and close your account To be fore warned is to be fore armed . one such software

If you are selling your own product or you are an affiliate and are selling products for other companies, create a site without Adsense placements ; Then by all means join the big money making gurus .This is what these people use who make lots of money online selling products. They use soft ware and auto responder to pull in traffic , and to keep their traffic coming back. They have no time to spend joining social net work or to comment on blogs and forum like individuals who try to go the cheap way.

If you are an Adsense user and believer here is a very good programme that will explain the traffic building process , the acceptable Google way. Believe you me I bought this programme and stated implementing what it teaches and I have seen my Google Adsense revenue tripled in 3 weeks and it is still rising as well as my traffic as I implement more and more of these strategies I learnt from this programme.



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