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The Truth: Can you really make money from hubpages

Updated on March 5, 2014

Is hubpages a good and easy way to make a nice extra bit of earnings? All you have to do is write some articles and then you roll around in the cash right? Well lets investigate the truth

You only get out what you put in

You can make money from hubpages and many of the top people you see around the website here do make a decent amount just from their writings. But you will also notice that these people have been writing almost daily for a number of years, and all of these hubs are very well written. The writers will have spent lots of time researching and promoting their hubs aswell as just the writing. Its alot of hard work. On the other hand however if you enjoy it and are dedicated then there is no reason why you can't be successful. Remember though this is by no means an "easy" way to make money.

To tell the truth, and I'm sorry to break the bad news here. There are no surefire easy ways to make quick money without putting in effort on the web, or in life for that matter. For you to make money someone else has to spend money, and that person spending the money has think it is worth it. In the case of the internet what makes it worth it is often traffic, that traffic doesn't come without effort. I have tried lots of different "Make Money Fast" schemes however none of them have been less effort and payed more than actually earning that money doing a day job. All those adverts you see about earning money easily from home are a lie, you need to put in the effort.

More effort equals lots more views
More effort equals lots more views | Source

Are you still sure? if so brilliant

If you are serious about putting in the effort and time then there is no reason why you can't be successful. Even though I'm relatively inexperienced here there are some tips that I will give you which I have found from my research.

  • The more hubs you have published the better, however don't lets quantity spoil quality. You will get more views on 10 good hubs then 1 good hub, but you will get more views on 1 good hub then 10 bad hubs.
  • Optimise you search criteria. Once I had optimised the title of one of my hubs its views dramatically shot up as more people were made aware of its existence and it grabbed their attention. However beware that if you cross the line into spamming with search terms then hubpages and googles search algorithm will realise and if you are lucky your pages will just rank lower, however you may also get into trouble with the hubpages moderating team.
  • Spread the community spirit. Read other peoples hubs and if you enjoy them follow the person. Isn't that just what you want people to do to you? As said above the best hubbers spread the word of their hubs. However where it is promoted needs to be with quality links, not just flooding the net with your name, as if you do that you will catch people once however they won't come back again. Returning visitors is an important aim.
  • Don't just use Google adsense. From my experience it is quite unreliable and doesn't show all views. The official hubpage program is much better as it is more tailored to hubpages so as a beginner you are more likely to start to earn a small amount of cash.


In all, hubpages is a way to make money, however its not an easy way to make money, neither are any other money making schemes you see around. Its possible to make money if you put your mind to it and work hard, however don't expect miracles.

Hope you enjoyed my hub and find this useful.


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