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The Greatest Items Available on Infomercials!

Updated on October 13, 2018
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Rebecca loves sharing what she knows about alternative medicine, health, frugal living, fun, animals, and how to live a better life!

Bulls eye baby!

Gosh it's great to consume!

Shopping is fun. Finding off the wall creations, gadgets, inventions and items to simplify daily tasks is a great thing! I don't consume simply for the sake of being wasteful, so please don't get that confused, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. Infomercials are packed with some really awesome gadgets and contraptions. Some completely silly, some useless, but all entertaining!

So go find a good location in your home to store all the ridiculous crap you're about to buy. Use your items frequently and fervently or give them as gifts or donate! Ahhhh....being an American is fabulous!

What the heck??

Do you buy infomercial items?

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Get moving!

Ahhh yes...the Gazelle

Looking like this beefcake of a man is now as easy as ever! You just need a Gazelle.

Why walk in place on a boring old treadmill when you can glide in the air and power your movement without the use of electricity? It's constructed of high-quality metal and plastic bits and assembly is a snap. This handy device gets your heart rate up and is gentle on your joints. Buy yours for about $100 USD, and get moving as freely and gracefully as a wild Gazelle! Hell, buy them by the dozens and start your own fitness center in your basement or even your garage! You'll be the talk of the town!

Results will vary!! Actually, I've never seen results. I think the Gazelle was just a fad.



When a regular towel just isn't good enough, you need a ShamWow!

Spills, drips, medium to large size lakes, pools, and even oceans are no match for the ShamWow. This super absorbent towel can do it all. No liquid is to strong for the ShamWow!

Who's responsible for all this awesomeness? Vince Offer that's who. In addition to the ShamWow, he's created other wonder gadgets known as the Slapchop, and the Schticky, the title almost explains their purpose, but since it doesn't, allow me to share with you the videos on these great contraptions!

You're gonna love his nuts!

Problems with a shedding pussy? Not anymore!


Who says you need to go to a salon?

Why would you pay inflated prices for a trained and talented beautician to tame your mane when you can mangle it yourself with a vacuum? The Flowbee contains hidden shears and it sucks your hair into a tube, getting the right length and trim EVERY time! No guessing needed, no formal training needed, and for just pennies on the dollar you can have the hairdo of your dreams! Great for the whole family, extended family, neighbors, even pets and plants! Doubles as a landscaping tool! Trim your hedges in a snap! You'll recoup your investment by the 3rd use! Unbelievable, and quite possibly the greatest infomercial item ever!

Easy feet!

A car wash for your feet!

I don't think I'm a sucker (ha! Yeh right!), but I broke down and bought one of these for my aging parents. My father is 80 years old so washing his feet can be a real challenge, not to mention chore! But not anymore! No sir. Containing intricate and advanced technology with brushes, pumice stone, suction cups, a handy footbridge thingy that keeps feet secure, there is nothing this thing lacks but the lather of your bubbles! I simply couldn't pass this one up and neither should you! Does it have another purpose? I don't think so. Does it need one? I don't think so!

Banana bunker!

Ahh yes, the banana bunker...

How many times have you gone to eat your banana's and they've been rotten? All you really want is a simple life and a fresh banana packed full of the potassium your body craves? But no! You forgot about those banana's you bought 2 weeks ago and they've turned so brown you can't even recognize them! Perhaps you've even mistaken them for something your dog left in the house?

Well...not anymore my friends! Not with the Banana Bunker, or I should say bunker's since you'll need more than one! But rotten banana's will quickly become a thing of the past with this impressive overly promoted piece of plastic! And that's about all that will no longer be rotten since the shape of this thing can't be used for any other purpose! Well...okay...that's not entirely true. My gutter filled mind could probably come up with at least one other use, but uh..yeh...eww.

Booty Pop Panties!

Official video!

For those nights you need a ghetto booty!

Who doesn't love a little booty pop action? This is a must for Caucasian women since we were not bestowed with the gift of booty popping ghetto booty action.

But we no longer have to suffer in silence, not since the invention of the Booty Pop Panties. Discretely boost your booty, without surgery or exercise! Forget those squats!

Not only are these comfy for anorexics that have bony tailbones (thanks to the built-in padding aka your new faux booty!), but they really give that evening gown you've been dying to wear the final "elegant" touch you've endlessly searched for! They also capture the undivided attention of distinguished gentlemen, you know ladies...the kind of man you want to settle down with, squirt out 2.5 kids with and live out the American dream with! So, do you have any reason what-so-ever to delay your purchase of the Booty Pop Panties? No! Give your caboose a boost with this beauty!

The greatest infomercial items ever!

Do you own any of these great items?

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© 2013 Rebecca


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