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The pros and cons of undertaking a 30-day-hub-challenge

Updated on October 27, 2010

Hub... er, caps

Should I put a cap on my hubs?
Should I put a cap on my hubs?

It's only Day 8

I am on Day 8 of my hub challenge, and already I am two hubs behind. This is fine really, because I did not absolutely challenge myself to write a hub each day, I challenged myself to write thirty hubs in a month. Fine. No problem.

But I am beginning to think that there are more negatives to making such a commitment with oneself, than there are positives. Let me just have a think about them (and get an extra hub done at the same time!). I'll start with the cons, to get them out of the way, and so that I can hopefully end on a positive note.


  • Every spare minute is used up on thinking about hubs. I suppose that doesn't sound like much of a problem, because we all love hubbing, don't we? Hubbing is great, truly. Ordinarily though, it doesn't take up so much time and brain space.
  • If you're constantly thinking about hubbing then you can't be thinking about your other writing. Aha, fatal flaw. I was writing a novel before I joined Hubpages - I've barely thought about my poor neglected story since, unless in relation to possible hub topics.
  • Hubs keep me up past midnight. Although this is not really the fault of the hubs. I watch TV whilst writing them, which is no doubt why it takes me four hours to create a shoddy piece of work that could be done in half an hour. (Note to self: turn off TV.)
  • Hubs make me spend even more time on the computer, thus using more electricity and impacting on the environment. Always bad.
  • Committing to write a large number of hubs takes some of the fun out of the whole thing. This is due to the pressure I have put myself under to write many intelligent and witty things.
  • Hubs cease to be intelligent and witty when I am forcing them out.
  • Ideas dry up, because I am in a constant state of ever so slight nervousness.
  • A hub challenge makes me neglect my children, just a little bit.


  • Watching my hub rating go up a couple of points is rather thrilling.
  • Hubbing every day keeps me writing when I might otherwise spend the evening only pretending to. I often have a blank sheet of paper in front of me at night, that stays blank until I sit down with it the following evening. Writing hubs is infinitely better than writing nothing at all.
  • Hubs are fun.
  • Feedback from hubs is very inspiring and useful. And using Hubpages a lot is a great way to find lots of other writers through the feedback they give.
  • Hubbing daily encourages me to read more of the work of other hubbers, and to offer my own support and encouragement to them.
  • Stretching oneself in any way that encourages improvement can only be a good thing. After all, there is no point in doing a thing if you are only going to do it half-heartedly.

Well, pretty evenly matched pros and cons there really. I think that what I deduce from that little exercise is that this 30-day-hub-challenge is useful. But perhaps like all things in life, moderation is the key to happiness and good health. Maybe two or three hubs a week would be plenty. Hubbing for the pure sake of hubbing is not the real point of Hubpages at all. Hubbing when I actually have something I want to say makes more sense.
I'll finish the challenge though - it would be shameful to give up when I've only just started!


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