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7 Steps You Must Remember When Creating Backlinks

Updated on March 7, 2013

Are you puzzled about backlinks?

First of all, I DO NOT claim to be the Bill Gates of SEO (Search Engine Optimization, the process of enhancing the ranking of a website on search engines with the help of certain techniques). But the thing is, I have read hundreds of SEO articles till date, from articles written by authors who know nothing, to the ones written by authors who know everything. And so, I have a good idea of how SEO works, more than good if I may say so. Since backlinks are the base of SEO, I have read pretty much a lot about backlinks on the way. I have read hundreds of forum posts, blog posts, and articles on the topic. So I do know what I am talking about. Rest is up to you, if you decide to trust me, go on and read it, otherwise, the internet is full of amazing information. If you are with me, then let me tell you that the following seven steps are important steps to keep in mind when you create backlinks:

1. Quantity does not imply quality

If the bananas you are planning to sell are rotten, shouting "top quality bananas" from hundreds of mountaintops will not convince people to buy them! The same goes with backlinks. If your backlinks are of low quality, creating hundreds of backlinks to an article will not convince Google to rank it high. Always try to create quality backlinks, ignore quantity. Few high quality backlinks can do wonders. On the other hand, thousands of low quality backlinks may do absolutely nothing.

2. Creating each and every backlink with the targetted keyword is not a great idea

If you say "I love you" to your partner hundreds of times every chance you get, repeating exactly the same three words, your partner will start to think you are lying. Google is your partner too. When you add the same anchor text (the blue text which points to your website or article) in every backlink you create, Google will think that you are trying to manipulate the system (which you are), and will rank your page lower. Therefore, maintain a balance. If your website or page is about "great las vegas restaurants", do not make every backlink with the anchor text "great las vegas restaurants". Try different phrases like "good restaurants las vegas", "top vegas restaurants", "las vegas restaurants" etc. Use the main anchor text ("great las vegas restaurants" in this case) around 15-20% of the time. That is, if you have 100 backlinks to your article, keep 15-20 backlinks with the targetted keyword. Also, do not be afraid to use the url link as backlink at times. It may look unnatural if all the backlinks have some anchor text, and not a single backlink has the link url.

3. It is okay to get a few "nofollow" links

I suppose you are familiar with "dofollow" and "nofollow" links. But in case you are not, "dofollow" links are links which are followed by search engines. A "dofollow" link has an impact on the ranking of the website. On the other hand, "nofollow" links are links which do not help a website with the ranking. So "nofollow" links are not very helpful generally. But If a website has hundreds of backlinks, not a single one of them "nofollow", then it looks unnatural, is not it? So why give Google a chance to think that the backlinks are artificial? Go on, and do everything naturally. Create a tiny percentage of "nofollow" links too, just to give Google an impression that the backlinks pointing to your site are natural, and not artificial.

4. Creating all your backlinks on the same day is a no no

Everyone is not Mark Zuckerberg. In ordinary circumstances, if a person becomes billionaire within a few years, people will either think that he robbed a few banks, or that he blackmailed the richest person in the world. In the same way, if you create hundreds of links in a day or two, nothing before or after, Google will sure think you are spamming, and may ban your site from search results. Does not sound so exciting, does it? Therefore, control your temptation. Create steady and regular backlinks. A backlink here, a backlink there, 2 yesterday, 1 today, 3 tomorrow, and so on. Try not to create more than 5 backlinks per day. It does not matter if you create 10 backlinks or 1000, in any case, make sure that the growth of backlinks seems natural.

5. Relevance is the key

If your blog is about "hot female models", and you create a backlink from a website called "dog food", and another backlink from a page titled "people below poverty line with no clothes", and another from a page called "Are You Bored?", your backlinks will be in vain. Your backlinks must come from directly or indirectly relevant sites. For example, relevant pages to "hot female models" are "popular models", "top female models in the world", "fashion world" etc.

6. It is best to not get your hands dirty by practicing black SEO

Black SEO practices are practices that are prohibited by search engines, and are considered as violations of the rules. One of the very popular black SEO practice is paying to get backlinks. It is pure violation, and considered as spam. If you practice these things, it is very likely that your website may completely be removed from the search engine rankings. Many people claim that these strategies work for them, but that does not mean you should try these. A robber or a thief can be rich, but just because a thief does not get caught does not automatically make him a good person. In the same way, just because Google cannot catch you violating terms, does not mean that you are an expert. It just means that you are an expert web spammer.

7. Generally the more effort it takes, the better the backlinks

Of course you can create hundreds or even thousands of backlinks by submitting your page to directories, or commenting useless comments on blogs simply to get backlinks. But hundreds of those links combined cannot compete with a single backlink coming from a very reputed website. One of the toughest ways to get backlinks is by guest blogging, and so the backlinks obtained this way mostly tend to be of very high quality.

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The above steps are some of the key steps to keep in mind at the time of making backlinks. There are plenty of other things to do and know about backlinks too, but taking care of the above steps is enough in most cases.

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