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Thoughts on this writing thing

Updated on June 12, 2010


 You ask my why I started hub pages. Easy money, thought it would be easy money. After a week with no profit, I realized this was not a get rich quick trick. Then I lost my passion for writing, began posting hubs that people would like to read, how to's and instructionals, those things that people google. Just picked stupid subjects that I experienced or thought I knew something about and started writing about them. The one hub I actually gave it my all, turned to be a hit. That hub was about how to raise baby ducks.

You ask raising baby ducks? Who googles that? I did when I found three baby ducks on the middle of the street, I spent my free time on google searching on the best way to take care of them, and talking to people for expertise. And I feel like after raising them all summer, I learned how to take care of them better than any website out there. All the unanswered questions before were answered.

I imagined talking to a person like me after my duck experience , to when I first got them. That would have been so helpful. So, I did it I wrote a hub about taking care about. Something I actually wanted to help people with! All the bs hubs I posted, sucked, but when I actually tried to help people, i started receiving appreciation comments.

So that is it! I'm not writing those bs hubs anymore. I love to write, and I think I'm going to crank out long hubs like this, just with my thoughts. I know, I know, nobody cares about reading them, well maybe one day somebody will. Maybe one day I'll be a featured hub pages writer. They all got their starts somewhere. Maybe this will actually be a useful read to someone like readng about my ducks. Oh and remind me to attach a link at the end of this.

Im not even going to reread this just post. You ask look at all this long writing, just start a freaking blog if all you do is want to write your freaking thoughts. Well, like I said I have new readers, who would read my blog. Plus, they don't pay. Wait, do they?


oh and here's the linkkkkkk :)

Just thought I would throw in a photo!


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