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How to write a great article/web text/copy write protected web content.

Updated on November 13, 2016

What is article writing on Internet?

Questions that you must have n mind before writing an article are

1-Is it really important topic on which you are writing?

2-Do you have proper information about it?

3-Is your willingness based on interest in the topic?

4-Whats new in your article? Whats different than others on internet?

Okay so if you have these things with you than you can write a good article. What are the important points?

1-Think and jot down all the ideas you have in mind before writing an article

2-Try to write the main points or ideas

3-Always have a good introduction to your topic before writing

4-An introduction with a proverb is very effective, try to use some catchy line or sentence in your introduction.

5-Write detailed and concise text in your content.

6-Describe every thing, don't miss anything, but please don't exaggerate on any thing.

Try to keep it simple but interesting.

Its like giving a Toefl or Ielts exam...But difference here is that your real life writing test where you will be directly effected. A good article or web content attracts large number of people on internet.

What is Hubpages?

Hubpages to me is a platform where you can find freedom of expression. You can polish your skills of writing here and guess what you get money from the things when people visits your hubs. But wait a minute, is it really that easy of generating thousands of dollars by simply sitting at home ? No my dear friends. Its mandatory for a person to write good hubs in order to be able to generate money from hubpages.

I will try to summarise and than explain about the different things that your hub must have in order to have a good score on HUBpages and which indirectly increases your google search engine ranking, which will help you generate traffic on your hubs.

For reference check out my hub on Oral Cancer. Its among the top three websites on google when it comes to searching. The technique is simple and I will explain how it is done. Also I would like you people to visit my HUB on Vitamins which is unique in the sense it tries to cover every aspect possible on Vitamins.


A great hub should be very well researched

Make sure that when you start writing a hub, you search and research the topic well. You can search anything but try to do a complete search and present your perspective on the topic. Of course you are not supposed to alter the historical or scientific facts in a hub, but present your idea, as to what do you think about the topic. It should be unique, but complete, not plagiarized at the same time.

Coherent and Linked

A hub should be coherent. It should be in a continuous flow. Like a river, it should present ideas that are linked with each other and the reader should not at any stage feel that the text written is not related to the topic or the main idea of the hub. A non Coherent hub loses interest of the reader and will fail to generate public to your hubs.



A great hub will have very well written English vocabulary. I am not talking about writing hard words, but simple words and simple sentence wont do it. Try to make long, complex sentence structures which will help you go through explaining complex ideas in your hub.

Videos and Pictures

A very important and vital part is the pictures and videos in a hub. You need to give more appropriate videos in a hub and a video can attract viewers and listeners. Those who will not be interested in reading might be able to view the information on a video. This binds the traffic to your hub and people find it easy to understand the topic with the help of a video.

Grammatical perfection

A good hub wont have grammatical mistakes, or spelling mistakes. This itself is linked with the searching stats of the hub and considerably decreases your hub traffic.

Explain it completely

Try to explain the topic completely , don't leave any thing vacant, its important for you to understand that the competition is tough. A reader wants to have all knowledge about the topic at one place so if the thing that the reader is looking for is not on your page than obviously he wont stay on your hub for long and will go to another website. Also the search engine will need to optimize the keywords in your hubs which is very important. The selection of words in the title and the heading and the page itself dictates the future success of a hub and hubber.

Also to mention at this stage is that the hubpages has a TITLE TUNER software but remember it works only after a month of the hub being published. It tells you about the keywords that people used to search on search engines before coming to your website. This is important for you to keep in mind before, during and after your hub is published.

Uniqueness of the Topic

Try to write something which is unique, because topics which are common will have thousands of hubs already written on . This reduces the chances of your hubs getting read as there are already hundreds in the stock. Until and unless you are absolutely sure and confident that if you write a hub on common topic and you can have more complex, latest, up to date and authentic knowledge on the topic, my advice to you is not to attempt it. This will reduce the overall score of your hubs.


Try to put links of different hubbers as well. This will help your readers get a good knowledge about the topic. As I said earlier, you must provide complete information on a single platform.


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    • davenstan profile image

      Katina Davenport 6 years ago

      Great hub! Since I am new I need all the help I can get.