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Triond Review - A Fallen Warrior

Updated on August 12, 2015

Triond is used to be one of the largest and most successful revenue sharing websites available. Some people literally made $1000 in their first month on Triond. Triond was pretty much the king of revenue share sites. Everything was going great and then came the Google update. Google deemed Triond of poor content and its search rankings decreased drastically. Google had also ended their Adsense partnership with them, eliminating the only way of making serious money. Even now, their website has Adsense integration, but it only comes up as an error when clicked. Why did Triond receive poor quality?


Since Triond was popular once, it must have had real editor. I haven't confirmed whether they're real or software-based editors, though. If they're real, then they're either very lazy or kindhearted. Almost any kind of article gets approved. I once read an article about how to watch movies online illegally. That kind of thing shouldn't be placed on a professional website. They don't even check if the content is copied or not. So, Triond accumulated poor quality articles.

The Upsides

Potential articles could get a lot of exposure within minutes. My very first Triond article received 50 views in an hour after submission and within a week, 2,000 views. I could have used this opportunity to link my website or hub to that article. Triond is a great place to promote. Ironically, Triond's Google search ranking had lowered.

Could I Make Decent Money

No. After getting almost 10,000 views, I have earned a few cents. Use Triond to help promote your articles from another website. That's what I would recommend. In the future, if Adsense is enabled again, then go for it.


I wouldn't go for Triond for making money, but I would go for exposure. If Adsense was enabled, I would migrate my articles to Triond. Thank you for reading this Triond Review and have a nice day


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