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Useful Writing Prompts for Beginners

Updated on April 22, 2022

Writing prompts are a set of ideas that can help you better communicate with an audience. It is a guide to effectively learn the basis of developing a topic or opinion.

Writing Prompts are used to spark creativity. The prompt can be a scene, word or phrase. You may stick to the original prompt or find a new one to center your story or article around. You may even end up with a complete thought or story-line to write about without the hassle of re-editing your original concept or idea.

Try using writing prompts as a resource tool to help you become a professional writer. Whether you're a freelancer, novelist or blogger you can greatly benefit from writing prompts.

Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started.

Examples of Writing Prompts

There are numerous examples of writing prompts. These illustrations include subjects such as fishing, health, travel etc. It can also include creative writing sentences such as Lori woke, shivering in the dark of the night. The clock struck 12am behind her as she began to make her way to the door of her basement apartment. In the example, you can see how a character is introduced. Her demeanor and actions are explained with the use of descriptive language. The prompt is effective in starting the thinking process and story development.

Writing Prompts are ways to get your creative mind flowing with content. Below are more examples of topics and creative writing prompts.

Creative Writing Prompts and Strategies

Character building
Select your genre
Draw inspiration
Give your character their personality with adjectives such as beautiful, charming and radiant
What can you say about your story. Is it unique? Did you mix different concepts together like love and mystery?
Develop the scene: where does your story take place? Describe the area or location
What inspires you? Is it art, music or science?
Remember to use descriptive language
Use your creativity.


More Topics and Subjects
Language Learning
Healthy Teas

Finding Inspiration

We are inspired by someone or something. It is best to immerse yourself in your environment. What do you admire around you? Is it nature, people, flowers, clothing, food or culture? You can develop ideas from your very own city, state or country.

Do you live in an urban or suburban community? Are you a southerner or mid-westerner? What is in your community? Is it crime, poverty, war, school shootings, drugs, alcoholism, terrorism or charity?

What are your hobbies: hiking, playing guitar, running, swimming, traveling, singing, dancing, reading, or something else. Use these ideas as writing prompts. It will set off your creativity.

The best ways to jot down writing prompts is with a journal. You can take it anywhere to help you gain ideas. It's a useful item to have around you when you're brainstorming or collecting information for a writing assignment or project.

The Social Media Factor

Many social media sites have a wealth of creativity. You can check sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. There are always something interesting to read or watch on these particular online media sites.

The Google search engine is another place to find interesting topics and ideas. You can find art, poetry, home improvement, wedding ideas and much more. The internet offers an abundance of opportunity for writers.

You can also of course use the HP platform to find great ideas as well. There are a lot of creative minds here on Many of the writers stick to their own area of expertise such a cooking, poetry, cars fixing etc. You can also develop your own unique niche strategy with your own writing.

Join a Writing Group or Make one with Friends!

The best way to expand your writing skills is to join other creative minds. You can participate in online writing forums or groups or join some in your own community.

Many individuals host various poetry and creative writing workshops in towns and cities around the world. Do some research to find one that best interest you.

There are also places in the United States that offer open mic events and short story readings. You can gain a wealth of inspiration from such events. Try attending one in your region, city or state. It will make you a better writer.

If you're not into writing workshops or events, try having a get together with friends or work colleagues that share your same interest in writing. You may be able to gain some great information and inspiration from the people you love.

Writing Prompts will be easier to do since you're around close friends or family: ''think outside of yourself'', work with others to better your own writing skills. It will help you to expand your knowledge and imagination.

Set Writing Goals

It is always best to set goals for yourself when you're trying to accomplish something. The way to set writing goals is to keep a to do list. You will be able to mark off all of your set goals for the day or week.

You can start with small goals such a how many articles you want to write a day. It is best to not overwhelm yourself. The goal should be achievable. Ask, yourself great questions. Can, I write two articles or five? Can, I finish one short story or two a day? It is best to get into the habit of finding what works best for your writing needs.

Writing Prompts are only a small fraction of your success. You must create the rest by setting practical goals and reaching them.

The same strategy should be applied for poets as well. How many poems can you write a day? What message do you want to send to your readers. Using these goal questions will enable you to become a better poet or author.

Remember, your success depends on how you apply yourself to reaching your business goals. Please, feel free to leave your comments below. I look forward to hearing from.


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