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Misspelled Words:How to use the HubPages Spell Checker

Updated on May 16, 2013

The Spell Check tool

By using this toggle button you can instantly see what words are spelled wrong
By using this toggle button you can instantly see what words are spelled wrong | Source

Wonderful Writers need Spell Checkers too!

I love HubPages and I love the people here. There are a tremendous amount of talented writers with exceptional hubs that just beam with intense knowledge and creativity.

I have a problem however and it's not a criticism, it's just an important observation: There are some misspelled words in hubs and it's driving me crazy.

Being an excellent speller (I was the nerdy kid in the big spelling bees at school) - I can spot misspelled words a mile away- and some of the words that are misspelled are simple bloopers that could have been easily corrected using the spell checker little button when your text is edited.

The biggest reason the misspelled words are bothering me has to do with my fellow hubbers - I am very defensive of those that I care about - and it BOTHERS me that someone might look down upon someones hub because of a couple of misspelled words. Not only that but it affects your credibility as a writer- if someone looks at your work and can immediately identify misspelled words it does not bode well for your professionalism.

In the first couple hubs that I wrote - the spell checker and I had an all out war until I could figure it out. I didn't understand the toggle thingee and some of the words it underlined didn't make sense to me-

But now after battling some with it- the spell checker and I have to come to an mutual agreement- that it is in Dorsi's best interest to spell check her work- EVERY-TIME!

My typing is atrocious. When I write fast there are a ton of misspelled words in my unedited hubs. I finally figured I didn't care about that in my first draft as cranking out the content in my creative frenzy was more important than my spelling at that time. So now, I wait until I'm done writing and when I go back in to use the spell-check I can usually decipher my words enough to know what they were supposed to say- and then make corrections.

Just to show you how rough my drafts really are - I am going to copy and paste one of my unedited paragraphs from this hub and show you how to use your spell-check.

(and by the way, when I see spelling mistakes is it OK if I let you know privately?- Sometimes I want to do that but I don't want to offend anyone- and I would want you to let me now if I had any misspelled words.)

So How Do You Use The Spell Checker?

OK - so you now have your written piece in draft from and you want to check it for any spelling mistakes, First you want to go into the edit mode for your text, and once there you go up to that little ABC button with the check in it, and when you click that button, you should see little reg squiggles under words that are misspelled. Now one thing I've noticed is that NOT EVERY MISSPELLED WORD WILL BE OUTLINED, so you still need to proof read your work . When you see the little squiggle, you can then click on the word in question (left click mouse) and it will give you an option of what words you were trying to spell. You select the correct word and it will automatically be inserted into the previously misspelled word (deleting the misspelled word) Then you can go onto the next word, so on and so forth. For some odd reason even words that I know are not misspelled sometimes show up on spell check ( maybe because the program sees something that it wants to fix ) or sometimes it happens because it was an intentional word the author used- odd words like Hmmm...or Whad'ya, slang words that spell check doesn't recognize.

When you are done you want to press save, and I always go back and run it again to make sure I've got it right. I also proofread my work several more times to make sure that is as grammatically correct as possible (One thing I sometimes struggle with is my grammar but I don't know of a program for that yet so...)

I hope this has helped you some in conquering the spellchecker function. Once you get used to it you'll find yourself always checking your work, and in the long run, you will have more confidence putting your work out when you know that you have done your best to make sure all the words are spelled right, and your piece is finished and ready to present to the world.

Good luck hubbers and if I can help you in any way please let me know- most of my knowledge is self taught but I more than welcome you to pick my brain for any information that will help you write better hubs!

(BTW: Just an interesting little side note here: MISSPELLED happens to be one of the top 100 misspelled words- go figure!)


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  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    10 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    @idugit) Thanks for the great comentary...or is that commentary?? lol... seriously though you make some good points. Thanks for reading!!

  • Idugit profile image


    10 years ago from England

    Hi, lots of great comments to read (or is that 'reed'?). The problem with spell checkers is that they lie (see my hub 'The Mendacious Spellchecker' for a couple of glaring examples).

    If your spelling is reasonably good, then there isn't much of a problem anyway - but if it isn't, it may put off folks who wold otherwise read the hubs.

    I find that the biggest problem is when you're (or your!) using words that aren't in the Spellchecker's dictionary. I sometimes have to use Latin words in some of my hubs and my Spellchecker goes crazy trying to find something that fits - which is why I leave the darned thing turned off most of the time.

    There are so many good reasons to use a spellchecker and just as many good ones why not to use it, that it just has to be up to people how and when they use one - just as long as they're (or is that 'there'?) aware that the spellchecker is not always telling them the truth.

  • htodd profile image


    10 years ago from United States

    nice post

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    10 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Jean) Hey it happens to the best of us! And please feel free to correct any spelling mistakes you find in any of my hubs too!

    Thanks for coming by.

  • Jean Bakula profile image

    Jean Bakula 

    10 years ago from New Jersey

    Feel free to correct my spelling any time, and thanks for the explanation of the spellcheck. I type fast and don't check until afterward. Sometimes you get used to "seeing" the misspelled word the wrong way, and don't really see it any more. I realized I had one in a Title of one of my hubs, how embarrassing!

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    11 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    learn spelling games) Me too! It's surprising how many misspelled words I still find in hubs though. Thanks for stopping by!

  • profile image

    learn spelling games 

    11 years ago

    Spell checker is a great tool, it helped me save face a couple of times :)

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    11 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Thanks everyone for checking out this hub on using the HubPages spell checker. It's so important to check (and even re-check) our work.

    IzzyM) Glad this was helpful for you. There are so many things to learn on HubPages, aren't there?

  • IzzyM profile image


    11 years ago from UK

    I've only been writing hubs for 5 months and I didn't even know there was a spellchecker on hubpages! So a big thankyou from me. I've occasionally written words that weren't spelt right, and up to now I've had to open a word document to get the correct spelling. No more :)

  • maggs224 profile image


    12 years ago from Sunny Spain

    My spelling is not very good so I always do my writing in Word and I use the spell check but I think faster than I type and sometimes miss out words and don't spot the mistake before I publish. When I see mistakes in hubs I often wonder if the person would appreciate me telling them privately or would be offended. As for me if you see mistakes spelling or otherwise I would be pleased to hear about them so that I could put them right.

  • Maylinda Arons profile image

    Maylinda Arons 

    13 years ago

    good hub, spelling issues drive me nuts as well, even though I make 'em as often as anybody. I'm going to click on the beginners' guide link now.

  • Marian Swift profile image

    Marian Swift 

    13 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

    Stepping in with some reluctance, because writing about spelling always gives me a bad case of the typos ...

    Thank you, thank you! Misspelled Hubs, or misspelled anything, irritate the heck out of me. Uninvited Writer's point about the need to proofread as well, is an excellent one.

    (And for the record, I appreciate correcktions!)

  • SweetiePie profile image


    13 years ago from Southern California, USA

    Spell check is wonderful as you mentioned. I am also glad you pointed out we must double check the spell checker because it is not always 100% accurate. I find this to be the case if you read many books and write reviews about these because the spell checker will sometimes consider a name to be a misspelled word. Thanks for the interesting hub.

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    13 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Thank you all for your lovely comments- I find myself struggling with grammar too but as far as I know there is no grammar-check yet!

  • Just_Rodney profile image

    Rodney Fagan 

    13 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

    Great hub as always, I am afraid I do sometimes forget to triple check, and as a result am guilty of incorrectly spelled words. Will take greater care in the future.

  • compu-smart profile image

    Tony Sky 

    13 years ago from London UK

    The spell checker has reappeared!!


  • glycodoc profile image


    13 years ago

    Great information - I am another one of those poor spellers and the spell-check is a essential tool for me!


    I checked with the spell-checker before posting this!!!

  • caspar profile image


    13 years ago from UK

    I haven't really tried the spellchecker, and I certainly need to. I hate seeing spelling mistakes in other people's work, and it's even worse when I realise I've published something with an error in. I'm always in a hurry to finish off and publish, so I need to take the time to spellcheck and proof read. Thanks for a greate hub!

  • profile image

    Vikki Albers 

    13 years ago

    Thank you, Dorsi, for these suggestions. I would be grateful if you would bring misspelled words from my hubs to my attention.

    If you look at my hubs you'll find several words capitalized that would not ordinarily be ('Self' for one). These aren't typos... they're me. I grew up in a German-speaking household - German capitalizes all nouns. I don't do that but if, as I write, a word feels like it should be capitalized, Voila! (It's my piece, so I get to do that - it's part of the fun.)

    Thank you again for this clear and informative hub.

  • C.S.Alexis profile image


    13 years ago from NW Indiana

    Yeah Yeah! I have three dictionaries a Franklin Spelling Corrector, and the computer spell check but I still find words I have wrong after I publish. No excuses but sometimes the spell check is not functioning properly. I am the worst at the easiest words. Curse me. You have a very good point none the less.

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    13 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Wow - I couldn't log onto HubPages all day and I finally got back in today and all these comments! Wonderful! Thanks everyone for reading and commenting on the spell check hub. Sometimes misspelled words get by me too- the other night my surrogate daughter said I had a couple misspelled words in one of my hubs so that was EMBARRASSING!!!

  • Raven King profile image

    Raven King 

    13 years ago from Cabin Fever

    Great hub Dorsi! I felt slightly depressed when I found out that I misspelled several words and wondered why I didn't keep the dictionary on my lap!! Argh!

    So if you have the Google tool bar then you have two spell checkers within reach.

    Keep on hubbing! :)

  • flread45 profile image


    13 years ago from Montana

    I don't think too many folks pay attention to the spell checker.

  • Sally's Trove profile image


    13 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

    Dorsi, I just read over my comment above, and I hope you understand that my last sentence was not directed to you or anyone else in particular, but to those who think that spelling, grammar, and syntax don't matter. They do matter, and it's a disrespect to the reader to neglect them.

    SirDent, you make an excellent point. For example, "There" vs "Their" or "bare" vs "bear" wouldn't be flagged by a spell checker, although they probably would by a grammar checker. Using the wrong word surely can change the meaning and readability of the sentence. You made perfect sense!

  • John Chancellor profile image

    John Chancellor 

    13 years ago from Tennessee

    Just curious - how did "thingee" fair in the spell checker?

    Like you, I have had my share of fights with the spell checker in HUB. I have solved that by composing in Word and cutting and pasting.

  • Lissie profile image

    Elisabeth Sowerbutts 

    13 years ago from New Zealand

    I am a terrible speller: inbuilt spell checkers are my friend and have prevented me from getting fired for many years! On the other side I do quite well on the long tail key word which is a common mis-spelling so don't always assume my spelling is that bad. Sometimes I write English not US spelling too: sometimes both for keywords too

  • compu-smart profile image

    Tony Sky 

    13 years ago from London UK

    Some people don't mind so much with simple errors, and others find it sooo annoying and a simple mispelling in a certain word or title can be Ohh so bad lol!!


    "I want to take the dog out for a walk"



    Its a shame these comments capsules dont having a spelling cheker!!

  • profile image


    13 years ago

    It's easy to find misspelled words in another person's hub. I see many of them myself. When I write a hub I already know what I wrote so I don't have to read it over again and again. I have a spell checker on my browser that I can use almost anywhere a person can type something. It works very well but still misses fixing words that might be a word even though it is the wrong word.

    I hope I didn't confuse anyone.

  • marisuewrites profile image


    13 years ago from USA

    Very good point Sally! As I think about it, when writing casually, I often just type, and don't correct small errors; it's my casual writing style to just type and let it be with the exception of gross mistakes; kind of like jotting down a note.

    However, when I produce prose for publication, I do try to check, tho' often find things I've later overlooked. I'm pretty particular about phrasing and syntax. Still, it's a constant battle.

    The writer should always be respectful of the reader and give them a good product!

    We could all improve and certainly should do the basic checking for spelling, typos. eeeek Now I'll have to try harder since I read this !! Still, for casual writing, I just write...hoping I'm making sense! LOL

    Dorsi, thanks for this great reminder of how to's for all of us; and I'm like you, my first draft is full of typos but I don't care...I'm just getting my thoughts down. The real writing is in the editing, often changing the product entirely. When I was teaching kids to write, the first rule was to just get it out of the head and onto the paper. The editing would correct the mistakes. And, you know what? First Graders learned to edit themselves, WHO KNEW?? =)

  • Sally's Trove profile image


    13 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

    Very frustratating, isn't it, that would-be writers would put out works filled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors?  What they are thinking, if they are thinking at all, is, no one cares and it doesn't matter, just so long as I have a good idea.  And that's probably true, in a way.  Lack of excellence, as well as the expectation of excellence, is now accepted as the norm.

    With the advent of email and the Internet (not to mention text messaging), spelling has gone out the window.

    That's what we live with today on the Internet.  But what incompetent Internet writers don't understand is that their messages will most likely be misunderstood or provoke questions and commentary, consuming energy that wouldn't have to be consumed if the message was delivered in the right way the first time.

    It's all about expectations.  The reader expects your message to be clear and doesn't want to fight to figure out what you mean.  If you don't meet that expectation, through faulty spelling, grammar, or logic, you lose the reader as well as your credibility.  It's a trust thing.  The reader trusts you to lead him to the point of your message.

    The result of careless communication is that readers fail to see the point and go off onto a different trail, wherever that trail might lead, and the original point of the writer is gone forever.

    The HP spellchecker is limited, as is MS Word's, and any other application's.  They can all be wrong when checked against a standard like Merriam's or the OED.

    Use a spell checker, by all means, but first, get yourself an education abut spelling, grammar, and syntax.

  • dineane profile image


    13 years ago from North Carolina

    Hi, Dorsi! Misspellings/typos are one of my pet peeves as well, even though I know I'm as guilty as anyone! Please feel free to correct my spelling anytime!

  • Uninvited Writer profile image

    Susan Keeping 

    13 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

    Of course, you still have to read over your articles. Spell checkers cannot find words that are used incorrectly, like loose vs lose. I see a lot of mispelled titles here also, that can easily be corrected but are sometimes left.

    Great hub :)


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