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Publish Online at Hubpages - Sign up now for free

Updated on March 18, 2010

The easiest way to publish online

You've arrived at Hubpages, the free online publishing site and author community. Here you have the opportunity to express yourself and gain an introduction to producing and displaying content on the internet.

Hubpages is the perfect place for a novice to start as the interface is very user friendly and enables you to publish without any knowledge of programing or html code.

To create you free account, click here.

How to get started

 Once you have signed up and created your free account, familiarize yourself with the basic rules of submission. They are pretty simple - no adult content, no promotion of gambling sites, only original content etc.

It is also a good idea to read a few of the webpages created by others. Known as 'Hubs' here, you can find them by putting a topic into the search box in the top right corner. You will find that this is a pretty flexible writing environment and there are many different styles on display.

You should also complete the details on your profile page. Fill in as much or as little as you wish. Remember that those readers who like your hubs are likely to check out your profile page to find out more about you.

With this done its time to write your first hub!

Click on the 'Start a new hub' tab at the top of your browser and follow the instructions. It is that easy. If you complete your hub and are happy with it click on the 'publish' tab. If you want to return later and make some changes or complete it, be sure to select 'Save without publishing'. Don't worry if you make a mistake as hubs can be edited or deleted at any time in the future. Make sure you don't publish incomplete hubs as this is against the terms of hubpages.

Making money?

It is possible to make money from hubpages. Revenue can be generated from comissions for products sold via links on your hubs or from google ads.

To take advantage of these program you need to register with them independently and add you account reference to your hubpages account from the 'Affiliate Settings" tab. It is a good idea to have a few hubs published before applying to google who may reject your application if you have no content display.

How much will I make?

Be patient! Expect pennies and when you get more you will be happy. Obviously someone with 250 hubs will earn a lot more than your 2 hubs. This is not only due to volume but also what they have learnt along the way. Most authors here are not doing it for the money, they are just writing for enjoyment. Reaching the Adsense payment threshold of $100 takes 10 - 12 months for most people. Many people here reach it every month. There are a few people here whose income from hubpages is greater than $1000 / month. If you are interested in maximizing your revenue there are plenty of hubs offering tips and tutorials that will teach you valuable lessons.

Do not bother signing up with Kontera initially as this is only for authors with very high volume traffic. You can always sign up later once you are an internet success story.


Appart from publishing your own hubs, this site has a great community so get involved.

If you find something you like, become a fan of that hubber. Leave some fan mail. Want to know something? Ask a question and wait for the solution from other hubbers at large.

You can also request a specific hub from an expert hubber. All of this interaction helps provide feedback to authors and who knows, you may just gain a fan or friend yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


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    • ruanz3 profile image


      9 years ago from South Afirca

      I found your article on shetoldme. You say there that after 6-8 months you see better results. I needed to hear that :)

    • profile image 

      9 years ago

      I just discover this service at hubpages, it is great, nice resources and articles. I only used article based revenues as in but I will give it a try.


    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 

      9 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Just wanted to say, Thanks arthriticknee!

      I'm a newbie here on hubpages (by only a few days). As I am reading through the material, it became confusing to me as to when I should sign-up for the affiliate programs. You cleared that up for me. At least for google. I'll apply the same to Amazon and eBay by waiting until I create a few hubs before I sign-up for the programs.


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