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Western Union for Google AdSense Payment

Updated on September 11, 2012

Google AdSense is one of the best Ad Programs for Advertisers as well as Publishers. Publishers are usually worried about the method of payment. Google Ad Sense provides Western Union and Check payment. Check payment offers:

1. Standard Delivery

Standard Delivery is a normal delivery where the mail (letter) takes about 2 months to come to your area. In some places, it takes about 3 months. Also, one may need to go to the Post Office to pick up the letter.

2. Secure Express Delivery

This will cost $25, but delivery will take about one week. Also, the Postman would come to deliver the letter. Google AdSense states that this one is ‘more secure’ than the other.

The other payment method, Western Union is available in more than 200 countries. It is more secure, faster and easier than the Check method. It is available in almost all the banks. Most of the publishers are unaware about Western Union payment on Ad Sense and usually ignore it. They also do not know much about this payment method, so they prefer Check. I had the same concept in the beginning, but after some research I knew the truth.

Some facts about Western Union

- Founded in 1851, Western Union is an American company with more than 7000 staffs.

- About 9 million users used Western Union online for transferring money in 2008.

- There are more than 500,000 Western Union Offices and Agent locations spread all over the world.

- In 2006, people who moved to developed countries sent more than $300 billion to their countries using Western Union.

This proves that Western Union will never cheat on a customer. The process of sending and receiving money is quite simple.

How does one send and receive money using Western Union?

One can send money by going to a western union office or an agent. Their name, address, the recipient’s name and the amount will be asked, and a 10-digit MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) will be given. The sender has to provide that 10-digit MTCN to the recipient. The recipient will go to a nearby western union office, bank or an agent. He will provide any of his ID card or driving license for his verification and the 10-digit MTCN. The agent or officer will ask him the sender’s name and the amount he has sent. After the verification, the amount will be provided to the recipient. The sender will have to pay a minimum amount of fee and some money might be cut off as tax.

Western Union Quick Cash

As I mentioned above, the sender has to provide the 10-digit MTCN number to the recipient. Google is the sender. Under the “Home” of your Ad Sense account, you will be seeing “Finalized Earnings” in bold and “Details” beside it. Click on Details. You will be taken to “Payments” section. All the info about the 10-digit MTCN will be provided and shown in that page. Once you reach the $100 threshold, the 10-digit MTCN is shown under Payments or Payment History page according to the week of the month.

Change your Payment Method

To change your Payment method,

- Go to Account Settings

- Click on “Payments” on the left pane of the window

- Click on “Payment Settings”

If you change the payment method after the 15th of the month, then the change will be effective in the next month. You have to change the payment method before the 15th of the particular month if you want to receive the amount with that payment method. After one or two days of the issuing of the payment, the 10-Digit MTCN will be shown in the Payments page. Here’s the actual image:

My Story

My payment method was Check from the beginning. When I was nearing to $100, I decided to know more about the payment methods. So, I checked and found more about Western Union. The actual name of this payment method is Western Union Quick Cash. I was lucky because I came to know about it before 15th of the month. I waited for about two weeks as Google sends money at particular weeks of months. Then, I got to see the above image in the Payment History page.

Western Union is not available in some areas and countries. But, almost all the developing countries’ citizens can receive payments via Western Union. Check method requires about 2 months and publishers need to go to post office and then bank to get the money. You can find out whether Western Union is available in your area on Western Union’s website (

If you have any question, please feel free to drop it in a comment. Thank you for reading.

Google AdSense Payment Method

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    • Sok Sophanarin profile image

      Sok Sophanarin 3 years ago from Phnom Pen, Phnum Penh, Cambodia

      My google adsense reached to 120$ on 01/July/2014 but i didn't see 10-digit MTCN number of Western Union in payment page. Could you tell me when i will receive 10-digit MTCN number?