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What Exactly is Your Dream?

Updated on December 31, 2019
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Michael is a 2006 graduate of Collins College and has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design, branching into IT/coding fields.


The Rant Begins...

Ever get tired of hearing that? 'What Exactly Is Your Dream?' That you have to get the EXACT details and the EXACT moments and the EXACT degree...all for what? To reach that point only to be asked IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? It gets annoying after a while...worse, if we DON'T meet these exacting goals, we're labeled as FAILURES? Now, most Readers are thinking 'What about the Dream?' The 'Dream' is irrelevant as it's the process of GETTING it that people care about. Well, bottom-line, here's the process towards the dream that I have moving forward...I'm NOT revealing the dream that is constantly subject to change...

Polishing a Marketable Skill

Assessing my Talents...

Practice Makes Proficient

If I'm to make ANY difference in my life, I need to polish the skills I have. But in order to DO that, I need to make an assessment of my talents. This will take some time in the next couple of days, but I also know people can be impatient in planning this out...and considering my current age, it will be frowned upon as being 'lazy.' Well, EXCUSE ME, PRINCESS. I'm sorry I didn't adhere to your timeline and standards. That said, I still need to address this PERSONAL problem of mine. Fortunately, my assessment is the following:

  • List of Skills
  • List of Resources
  • Timeline for Practice and Projects

With this in mind, the specifics are going to be messy, but it still needs to get done. This requires time, and surprisingly enough, money...

Money Matters

Dollars and Cents and Beyond

The Tired Troupe...

If I've heard this once, I've heard it a thousand times...and I'll admit that I still fail to properly listen...but that is no longer the case. There is a strategy in place, so calm down. If anything, I've been far too complacent with my work ethic and not making my worth equal to my work. I DO need to improve and make it worth not only my while but that WHEN a company stiffs me on my pay, they will regret it. That will take time and talent and above all, faith. God, I'll need your help on this. That said, here's what I need to work on:

  • Emergencies
  • Savvy Spending
  • Worthwhile Means of Acquiring Income

All of this continues to be in the forefront of my mind, but many would think that because I don't have a micromanaged account of each detail that I've been deemed a failure. Again, what is my 'failure' or 'success' that has to do with those that are not directly involved? Also, what do they even know about the future ahead? Don't just seal someone's fate based on a pre-determined set when they can turn their life and the lives that love around for the better! Not doing so is no different than leaving them for dead.

Where Are You Going With This?

What's the overall point?

The Point Behind the Rant...

The Point is Two-Fold:

  1. Address the issues that continue to plague me when I've yet to come up with an immediate answer at that very moment.
  2. To remind myself that until I reach a modicum of success and peace (the latter being the greater challenge), this will never end.

The last thing I need is ADDITIONAL beatings when I can do that to myself with the greatest of ease...I've been doing it for the last 3+ decades. So yes, I'm just fuming and ranting to the air and the internet, but when is enough ENOUGH? Where do I go from here?

At the very least, having this out and writing this can mean that at this time, there was a turning point I'm reaching in my life. It will be frustrating enough, but having added pressure won't make things better.

The Inevitable Conclusion

What I Must Do...

I've not been one to shy from work most of the time, but now I'll need to work with purpose. That purpose must go towards the improvement of who I am. To do that, I need to know what my skills are and set up methods to further improve.

Then, I'll need to reassess how I handle my finances and look for STABLE options along with means to acquire more wealth while still upholding my obligation to pay the taxes I am owed...and all other debts as well.

Finally, if I'm to have ANY peace of mind, I'll need to make assessments, like this rant (but not in writing to be viewed in the public domain), and see where I can continue to be as capable as possible. That requires faith in God, and there's no getting around that at all.

I've got a long road to get started.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Michael Rivers


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