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What I've found after writing hubs for four months

Updated on June 28, 2011

Okay, I joined Hubpages four months ago after reading about the site in a blog by Robert Evans. He's some kind of get-rich-quick merchant who uses Google AdWords and e-books among dozens of other Internet schemes to make a truck load of money. I needed money and I was excited about the lorry-loads of cash that would soon be falling into my bank account. But I was wrong. I've made £1.36. And I've heard nothing more from this Robert Evans chap. I have, however, learned a little bit more about Internet money-making which I'm still keen on.

I've written 13 hubs - 14 including this one. This is a fairly low number compared with other hubbers who have thousands. Many people are churning out 40 in their first month. I'm not worried about this. I like to see myself as a slow and steady hubber who will later catch up with the super-speedy hub-publishers later on. Much like the tale of the turtle and the hare.

I'm an award-winning journalist who works for newspapers including The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Times. But it's been a humbling experience realising that doesn't mean a thing on the Internet or in Hubpages. Yes, the quality of my writing is better than most peoples but nobody's reading it. I've found that becoming a successful online-writer/ internet money-maker takes more than scintillating court copy or heart-wrenching human interest tales. It takes writing in a totally different style for a totally different audience for a totally different purpose.

Then there's the whole thing about keywords and search engine optimisation. I don't have a clue about how this works other than the ''suggested tags'' box that Hubpages provide which probably helps the pages to be fished from Google's giant Internet soup of information. Thanks to RebeccaE though for her recent hub which has suggestions of books that explain Google AdSense with a bit more clarity.

As I mentioned earlier, I've made £1.36 from Google though I'm not complaining because it probably reflects my work-ethic and level of internet experience. I would like this to increase though so that I can eventually retire to a Mediterranean county living off an income.

In short, I've realised that being a successful Hubber takes much more than good writing. There's this whole marketing and target audience thing that I haven't quite grasped yet. I'm getting there though. For each hub I write I go through the following process.

  • Idea - I have an idea for a Hub while I'm drinking a cup-of-tea or sitting on the toilet.
  • Research - I look what other hubs there are on the subject. If there's nothing else, or I feel that I could do better, then I move to the next stage.
  • Planning - I sketch a rough outline of the hub and note the key points that I will write about, where the pictures will be and what links I will include.
  • Building - I build the hub from the blocks of text and pictures that hubpages provide and write the content.
  • Publishing - I publish the hub. Self-explanatory - just click the publish button.
  • Sharing - I share the hub on twitter, stumble upon and Digg. I may start using Facebook and emailing it to my contacts though.
  • Waiting and watching - I check Google Analytics and Hubpages to see how many people have viewed my hubs. This is usually met with satisfaction or disappointment!

At the minute, the majority of my hubs are on horse riding. I enjoy writing about this and it's not something I get to do in a professional capacity. So I am quite content with this little niche. I understand though that this will limit the number of hits that I'm likely to receive for these hubs because it is such a small and specific area.

If anybody has any feedback or advice - or if they know who this Robert Evans fella is (if he even exists) - then your comments would be most welcome.


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    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

      I remember you commenting once on a guided imagery thing I wrote...I was interested in your I was pleased when you wrote a guided imagery question is "do you use guided imagery for yourself"? and what are your experiences?...just very interested...cause I get very little feedback.

    • John B Badd profile image

      John B Badd 7 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      Rick are you making any money here yet. I am new and curious about this.

      Also use google adword if you have not found it yet. It gives great keywords for SOE.

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 8 years ago from England

      Thanks so much for your comment. It's always really encouraging when somebody gives positive feedback. Like you said, it can be disappointing when people aren't reading your hubs. I'm going to keep persevering . Writing on Hubpages takes practice just like anything else. Carry on going and good luck with your book :)

    • profile image

      AuthorLMS 8 years ago

      I couldnt agree with you more. I am just a wanna be published writer. I had over 20 hubs but with no one reading I deleted them and now only have 5. I keep at a low number I feel what is the point if no one reads them anyway. I am a little disappointed but I will not give up on my writing perhaps I am in the wrong site. Thanks for your article it is certainly useful for me. sorry about the long speech :-)