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What - Why - How of Hub Pages - Is It Worth Creating Hub Pages?

Updated on February 7, 2018
Growth Map on Hub Pages
Growth Map on Hub Pages

Hub Community

Hub Community
Hub Community

What are Hub Pages?

Hub pages are content rich articles useful to the members on any niche subject. There are nearly 22 categories which include

  • Arts and Design (11250 hubs)
  • Autos (5208 Hubs)
  • Books, Literature and Writing (28773 hubs)
  • Business & Employment ( 15536 hubs )
  • Education and Science (30417 hubs)
  • Entertainment and Media (35093 hubs)
  • Family and Parenting (7075 hubs)
  • Fashion and Beauty ( 1788 hubs)
  • Food and Cooking (25929 hubs)
  • Games,Toys and Hobbies (14782 hubs)
  • Gender and Relationships (12786 hubs)
  • Health (40256 hubs)
  • Holiday and Celebrations (9907 hubs)
  • Home (17782 hubs)
  • Hub pages Tutorials and Community (2182 hubs)
  • Personal Finance (8437 hubs)
  • Pets and Animals (12446 hubs)
  • Politics and Social Issues (12433 hubs)
  • Religion and Philosophy (16711 hubs)
  • Sports and Recreations (10339 hubs)
  • Technology (18202 hubs)
  • Travel and Places (15891 hubs)

Under each Category you have number of sub category up to 3 level deep. The whole list is seen at Hub pages Topic List

Navigate the Hub Page Template

Template Navigation
Template Navigation

How easy are the Hub page Templates ?

See the screen shots on the left side . We have presented a screen shots that shows how easy to enter content to hub page template - videos -photos - text -poll -quiz and lot of them. As soon as you click on a capsule like video, photo and text the capsule opens on the edit area. Enter details and save. You are done. You can move the capsule up and down to fix it to your taste and importance. On the top of the Template you find Score Board. The score board increases as you go on entering content, videos,photos,quiz,polls. One it reaches maximum like text with 1250 words, one video, 3 features photos, root map if any, quizzes and polls if needed. The the Hub Page becomes featured. The beginners should create 5 featured hub pages to be qualified as Hub Page Content Writer. But it is easy.

Will Hub Page Blogging really Helpful?

Is hub page blogging beneficial and earns you money if you have skills of writing?

  • 0% yes
  • 0% no
0 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Why a Hub Page? What are the benefits creating a Hub Page

You need not spend a single penny to earn money through internet. Surprising! True. You need not have a domain name, a web page, hosting services and webpage promotion expenditure but still earn money on Internet. One such source is creating hub pages. Write a informative hub page on any niche subject ( 22 categories so far ) and add information useful and beneficial to content hunters and you are done. A featured hub page with around 1400 words long, added features like video, photos, links, quizzes, polls (where ever possible) are called 'Ever Green Hub Pages'. They are rated ever green because the information is useful for ever and for all.

A hub page earns through the hub page ad program and ad sense program. Hub pages earn through amazon associate links on hub pages and e bay affiliate links.

Every on us know that more traffic is more conversions and money. We are also aware that traffic can be built is one day. You must develop niche hub pages, if possible make you hubs to catch the eyes of 'editors pics' and featured.Then they will be respected by Google bots and indexed. Once your hub pages are indexed by major search engines, the hub page will be viral ( a tern common for quantum progression).

What you need is patience, excellent content and writing skills. None of these attributes require investment.

Amazon Earns You Money on Hub Pages

How to Develop a Great Hub Page

Create Original Content - Do not Copy
Follow Guide Lines and Do Not Violate
To Be Patient
Take Care of Grammer, Spelling and Punctuation
Follow Other Experts and Their Sucess Stories
To Be Suceesful
Be a Visitor and not a Writer while Writing Content
Be a Good Follower Before Becomeing a Leader
To Be Organized
In gradients to become a Good Huber

Hub Pages

Crate Promote and Wait
Crate Promote and Wait

Tips To Create Niche Hub Page

Before writing a hub page

  • choose a topic
  • read great articles on that topic
  • use your skills to offer extra and unique information to the visitors
  • Give leads to similar hub pages. If you are using great content from other hub pages give credit to them
  • Revise what you want to publish and make sure they do not violate writing guideline. Read FAQ offered to clarify doubts
  • Add relevant videos, photos where ever necessary

HubPages Tutorial - How To Make An Amazing Hub


To Earn is not Your Only Objective
To Earn is not Your Only Objective

A Word of Caution Before Writing for Hub Pages

Decide your Objective

If your objective is only making money through hub pages or through any activity on the internet, stop writing. Money will automatically flow in if you concentrate on offering good content to viewers.

Your strength to be a great hub writer is:

  • Find out the trend through Google search on ' What viewers are looking for' on the internet and offer it to them.
  • Concentrate on quality content and try to attract as much traffic as you can through an organic search
  • Develop social image through social networks like face book, twitter, Digg and develop fans.
  • Develop you email contacts and inform them on what you are up to.
  • Contribute comments on other good hubs and encourage generously to new hubbers. New hubbers will be waiting for a helping hand

Avoid writing hubs for

Money and only for money

Conclusion on Creating Hub Pages

There are so many blogs and social media networks to exchange ideas, share photos and videos, chat and get inspired. My experience after creating two hub pages is that Creating hub pages is fun and easy. Navigation is easy and you can watch your own progress on the score board on content and other media. You will whether you hub page stands out for featured or not. After developing different capsules it is easy to shift them from place to place, text and photo side by side or video and photo. Every text content can be supported with a photo or poll or quiz or table. This web rich template keeps the visitor on your blog for a long time, thus popularity, traffic, money and success Hope you understand why my statement that 'Creating Hub pages' is worth a try


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    • searchinsany profile image

      Alexander Gibb 4 years ago from UK

      Very encouraging and helpful.

    • mackyi profile image

      I.W. McFarlane 4 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thumbs up to this hub my friend. Good job!


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