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What to Think About for Your SEO Project?

Updated on January 31, 2017

Digital marketing is an essential part of every business. It is of utmost importance to use the digital platform to enhance the sales of the business. Most companies have realized the importance of having a digital footprint. This can be a website, social media pages, blogs and so on. However, today, just having a digital presence is not enough.

Every business should ensure that the digital presence has Return on Investment (ROI). This can be achieved by enhancing the page for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As such, it is advisable for business executives to invest in a professional digital marketing agency that can be able to enhance the company’s digital presence and increase the ROI.

What is SEO?

SEO refers to the optimization of a website design and its content so as to improve its ranking on the search engines like Google and Bing. This helps to increase the exposure of the brand, thereby being more accessible to many consumers. This increases the traffic to the web page which eventually contributes to increasing the sales of the business.


Keywords are the link between the brand and the clients. They are the phrases or sets of words that are most relevant to the content of the web page and at the same time are the words that the potential clients are likely to search in the search engines. Coming up with a database of the keywords will help direct the optimization of the web content.

For the Keywords to be most useful they must satisfy the following criteria:

• Relevant: the keywords should be relevant to your products and web content. This can be achieved by thinking from the customer point of view. What would a client who is looking for your product search for? Make a list of all the possible phrases.

• Privacy: the keywords should be personalized to your specific products. This sets you apart from the competitors.

The way to get keywords which satisfy the above two criteria is by using the data from web analytics tools. These work well with an already existing web page. With the data, you can be able to identify the keywords that have previously been used by actual visitors to your site.

Optimize the web page content

This is the next important task after listing down the keyword database. The quality of the content in the web page is one of the determining factors on the optimization of the website. This can be the most challenging, time-consuming yet essential section in the SEO. Therefore, it is best to invest adequately in it.

L Q Digital is one of the leading companies specializing in SEO. At LQ Digital, the highly qualified SEO experts take the time to make sure that they save you on the time you take to optimize your site to concentrate in other sectors of the business.

Link into Social Media

Recently, Google search engine upgraded their search algorithm, such that the social media has become more of more importance in the ranking of the websites. Meaning, the number of times content is shared from your social media pages and mentioned in other pages, and blogs enhance your ranking in the search engine. Therefore, social media optimization (SMO) is now of great importance in SEO.

Therefore, as a brand, you must understand how to optimize your social media pages so that you can rank better in the search engines. Social media optimization, just like search engine optimization requires a professional who is skilled in the same.

In L Q Digital, SMO is taken just as seriously, if not more, like SEO. The team takes the time to link your social media outlets to your page and then optimize both the content in your social media and the web page. This makes it possible to convert the high traffic of social media users to potential visitors to your site. This eventually enhances your social media marketing which is a major branch of digital marketing.

Choose a Reputable Agency

Getting the right partners is cost efficient and profitable way to rip off its benefits. There are many agencies who either specialize in SEO or SMO both focused on digital marketing. However, the two should always go together. Therefore, the best agency should have the necessary skills and portfolio to utilize both SEO and SMO to boost your sales.L Q-Digital-Cross Channel Acceleration is on the forefront working with reputable brands to ensure that they convert the millions of internet users to potential customers.


SEO is a continuous engagement. This is because the search engine algorithms keep on changing. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every marketing executives and agencies to ensure that the site is always updated.


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