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When Someone Steals Your Hub Article

Updated on December 31, 2014

I write, they Steal...

Recently, I received an email from Hubpages, letting me know that one of my articles was taken out of publication because it was a duplicate. As soon as I read this I was extremely confused because I wrote the article, verbatim, and it was inspired by my children, at the moment. After some research, I Discovered that someone had copied and pasted, all of my articles and made them into one article (Which by the way, the tittle was called "Traveling with children" But they decided to copy and paste my Patchouli oil article, so it made no sense whatsoever $6)

I tried to search the Blog in order to try to communicate with the person to let them know that they had stolen my work. It was unsuccessful. At this point I was extremely frustrated, because here are all my words, stolen, by a person called "Admin", yet no contact information, nor comment boxes.

Someone from the Hubpage team emailed me, on what I could do to report my work as stolen. It made no sense to me. Here I am, with my only option being having to pay attorney fees, because someone did this? well, no.

I was very upset, that after all my articles and work, they had to un publish my article, which was one of the most viewed ones, even though someone else posted it somewhere else about a week later.

Still at a lost for words of what to do...

This happened recently, so to this moment, I haven't been able to resolve the issue. I don't want to spend of my own money to fix this, and at the same time, I do not want to re word my article, when it was mine from the start.

But what do we do? Knowing know, that at any moment, any of my hubs can be taken out of publication, because someone decided to copy and paste. I feel in a way violated by this. I take pride in my writing, and the moments that I can sit down and write. Being a Stay at home mom with 2 young kids, my writing is something that I cherish, and now to feel that at any moment, someone can steal it, and act like its theirs, it puts me in an uncomfortable position.

Has this ever happened to you?

Has this ever happened to you? If so, what did you do? Did you end up re writing the article, or deleting it? My fear is that they will continue to steal my work, and take credit for it, because here I am losing published articles, while they keep my words in their blog. This is the part I don't like about being a writer.

Have you ever been in his situation? If so please share in the comment box below on what steps did you take to fix it.

I hope that's the last time it happens. Because I don't want to keep losing work because of this.


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    • Cofee Mommy profile image

      Natalia M Aeschliman 3 years ago

      Thank you Matthew! I went ahead and started the process with google. Hope they can fix it. Makes me nervous that they can steal more of my work!!

    • Matthew Meyer profile image

      zebtron 3 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      If your copyrighted work has been used without your permission, then you may want to issue a DMCA NOI. You do not need to pay anyone to make such a claim. You can find more info here.