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When the rush is over do the fish always die ?

Updated on February 16, 2011
my two grandsons
my two grandsons | Source
My daughtor and grandson
My daughtor and grandson | Source
Granddad and Camden at weeding
Granddad and Camden at weeding | Source
the boyes fishing
the boyes fishing | Source
Mickey and Jane, it hasen't always been fun but its always been honest
Mickey and Jane, it hasen't always been fun but its always been honest | Source

When the rush is over do the fish always die?

I suppose this could have many meanings to the average person. Its not about fish or dying or drinking to much or even lusting for someone else.

As a human and a man a little different than human and a woman but only in ways that God meant us to be.

Now can I start, If you look at the world as a whole body from otter space we don't look like very much. If you look in a man's sole the look changes. We were never meant to be alike in any way, on to figure out why. The question of why has been the topic for generations at many dinner table meal times.

The importance of man is finally clear in my mind, let me tell one last time I'm not political correct so if I offend you get over it and look at the package as it was intended . The package is life it's self and how, what,when and where we live it. For years I have watched people change and follow trend's like Salmon going up stream to spawn. The difference between Salmon and humans is quit clear to me. After all we live to Spawn over and over again and teach our young not to bite the hook that feeds us.

Our kids are supposed to listen to their parents and follow examples that we teach them. Its said but looking back in my life I can remember that having an old junker car and a girl you can call girlfriend, walking hand and hand school made my heart tingle. Guys my age almost 62 now had some respect for teachers and the dean of boys who was the manager of that large paddle he kept behind his desk. There were famous words my own Dad used to say to me was you may not respect me but you better damn well fear me and I did.

I think we all have similar memories about the old tough dads we had and survived to pass it along. I have been a Deputy Sheriff for a long time and started seeing a major difference in behaviour of parents in the late 70's and early 80's. Seems like parents just were meaner, nothing scientific but those kids from the late 50's and 60's generation of parents are different in many ways and of course life had a flair and the minimum wage was about .35 cents an hour.

Now that I'm waiting a call from Washington to remind me that my Social Security is secure when ever I want to take and live happy for ever and again. That 's not going to happen and we have adjusted to working just to keep up the gas for heat and cooking.

I have two grandsons now and they remind me of kids of my era except for the ipod and using the TV remote. Having both parents at home to help raise your children is a plus if the discipline is consistent and fair, with a smack here and there. I realize that girls are a little different to handle but they can suffer the worst if you don't make your point, boys don't come home pregnant.

Religion in the home is something I never had but my little girl was raised in that atmosphere with my wife, I usually was working in those days. I think it helped a little until all kids hit the wall about age 13 and for girls again its worst because of what boys want. That's all we can do is our best job of teaching the truth and facts to our kids as we know it and hope the light will shine before its to late.

I truly feel sorry for the inner city kids, all of them they have the freedom to come and go at will without most parents permission or knowledge.The cops are inundated with so many calls and the crime rate is so high that there is no longer compassion coming from these guys. I know when they as I also, started young and full of want. We wanted to put bad guys in jail and help kids that come from the same place we lived. Somehow over the years our compassion wanes out and we find ourselves being the cop that we hated when we were young.

My friends it takes a lot of years to make a full cycle from being a rookie to a senior man that can afford to be the kind old cop that everyone loves to be around. Don't be surprised if some of the kids you know in your community turn out to be that kind old cop you love to love. Speaking for some of those young guys they really don't have much of a chance to be the old guy for it takes many years to learn your Kraft enough to be effective and not loose your life during your life cycle.

We covered kids of cops and old cops who can afford to be kind. I beg of you not to count those young guys out, some of these guys are scared as hell every time they walk up to a car door thinking they may be next to die. In the USA we have had several cops pay with their lives this year and left a bad feeling in the hearts and minds of many a young man and woman who were thing about serving their community. I say go for it guys, you will understand things much better than I do know because the training is far superior than what I had in the beginning.

This is an honorable profession to have ,so go to school and learn all you can you will need it in the coming years for life is changing at warp speed and things never go back. When all is said and done your children will usually make you proud of them as I am of mine. One last thing as your swimming up stream stay faithful to your own fish your carrier depends on it. I have been swimming with the same fish since 1979. And have not regretted one moment its tough but fair and love is the payoff.


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    Faire Argent 7 years ago

    Great pics and a great story! Thank you!