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Why Communication Is So Important To Being A Successful Ebay Seller

Updated on October 29, 2011

Communication and Custom Service is paramount in any type of business. It could be the difference between making sale(s) or none, Just by simple communication. Many people start their first business/selling venture on eBay, it is a great way to make money and a great way to make many new skills, ones that you will never be taught in school and if your like me and crave information and constantly want to learn and develope you will also be introduced of new ways to make money. Just by little old eBay.

We all know that only sellers can receive negative feedback on eBay now which unfortunately opens us up to unnecessary negative feedback. But sometimes it can be warrented. You can avoid negative feedback with simple communication with your buyers and potential buyers.

Here are some tips I use to make sure my customer are happy buying from me regardless of the situation and I'll also tell how I get people to leave positive feedback.

Prevention is better than the cure.

When writing your descriptions make sure you describe everything you possibly can, try not to leave anything out that could potentially make someone feel the item has been misinterpreted. Like the size of an item, the colour and how many (people will try to be difficult if you have a picture of an item in all its colours like mp3 players ) also let them know when they'll get it. Just be as clear as possible this will prevent any assumption.

Try and send everything tracked if you can and only send stuff none tracked if you can afford to send out again if the buyer doesn't receive their Item.

Your description is you communicating with the buyer as to what they'll get think of yourself describe what they'll get and when they'll to a complet ebay newbie. If you deliver exactley what they thought they was buying and within quick turnaround they will no doubt be very happy.

Once you have made your sale send a follow up email (not a ebay generated one) an actual email from you once you have despatched their item. This will give it the personal touch and let the buyer know that they are dealing with a real person (vital). Try and put their name in the email this helps massively and helps dropping any guards down,you should state in this email that you are thankfull for their purchase and add their tracking number or simply say that their item has been sent (if it doesnt have a tracking number). You also must say, please leave positive feedback and I will do the same. This will encourage them to give positive feedback in order to receive postive feedback. Buyers know they cannot get hit with bad feedback. By adding the tracking number in the email it will also help rule out any I haven't received my item tricks.

Another good thing to put in this email is when they're likely to get their item. So if they do not receive their item within this time they'll know to contact you. This will help solve the problem alot quicker and also stop someone telling you 2 weeks later that they never received their item.

I started using this technique when I started my business account on eBay and it helped massively not only by dealing with customer queries but also in actually getting feedback off of people.

As you have sent a personal email if there are in problems they are more likely to contact you to resolve the issue as they're more likely to feel that it will actually get dealt with by someone.Now even if this email is slightly rude try and hold back, start your response with their name again and also thank them for getting in contact with you (rather than resorting to leaving negative) try and deal with the situation the best you can. If it wasnt what they were after and would like to send it back,accept it be polite and give your return address immeadiately in this response this will show your not going to try and keep their money. If the item didnt turn up and it wasnt tracked im sorry but your going to have to send another out but this can not be so bad if you have a circle of compitence i'll go into that further in another hub. Also if something is broken or not working ask them to send it back to you and then you'll refund them immeadiately. Your wording makes a big difference. This scenario will stop people just saying that its broken in the hope of receiving another but if you have a circle of competince you can avoid this situation too.

A quirk with sending a personal email to the buyer is that you can add a hyperlink back to your ebay store and your other items at the end of your email.

Thank you


Please also check out My top picks and then add the hyper link to that page.

Its another way to market to your existing paying customers. Word this bit correctly and they could buy again.

By simply making yourself known to your paying customers and communicating with them can result in receiving excellent feedback and positive feedback from people who had a problem.

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