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6 Reasons Why Hubpages is better than Blogger

Updated on September 23, 2012

6 Reasons to use Hubpages

I am brand new to Hubpages. I just found this community and signed up last night. I used to be all about Blogger, and I’ve dabbled with Wordpress, but as you can see from item #3 below, that was extremely short lived. Even as a Newbie to Hubpages, I love it. I’ve compiled a list of 6 reasons why, without even knowing the ins and outs of the community, Hubpages is so much better than Blogger and Wordpress. I hope if you have been a member of the other communities you will agree, and if you are considering signing up for Hubpages this will help you with your decision.

1. Hubpages is not really a blog

There is a wide range of interesting and relevant information available on Hubpages. There are articles on everything from politics to personal finance to cooking and beyond. These types of articles are also readily available on Blogger and WordPress, however, the latter two websites are over-saturated with blogs about peoples families, pets, and vacations. Although I do think it is great that people can share these things in an online community if that is there choice, I am of the opinion that most people do not care about people’s families that they do not know. However, most people are interested in sharing ideas and perspectives on relevant social, political, economic, artistic, and informational topics. Hubpages is the place to go for these types of articles.

2. It is incredibly easy to find articles relevant to your interests

Articles on Hubpages are sorted by topic. Authors can tag their articles based on the relevant information contained in the article. Users can then go to the topics in which they are interested, and find relevant articles. I tried using Blogger for a long time before stumbling upon Hubpages. My biggest issue with it was that it was nearly impossible to find relevant articles. The most convenient way to search is to simply hit the “next blog” icon. This button randomly sends you to a new blog. It is supposed to send you to a blog that is similar to the one you started from, but this rarely happens. The other way to search is through bloggers interests on their profiles. These can be very misleading, and can often lead to frustration. I am interested in politics, so I decided to search for people with similar interests. The problem that I have found is that in general, people do not blog about the things that they have listed as interests. Too many times have I clicked on the blog of a person who lists politics and social issues as their interests; only to find a blog about comic books, children, or something equally unrelated.

3. It is easier to monetize

It is nice that blogger allows you to format your own Adsense ads. However, for those with minimal computer or design experience, it can be quite daunting to try to create a nice looking blog website with a few discreet, well placed ads. I’ve tried numerous times, and my blog always looked horrible. Hubpages has set templates in place, and although more ads are posted on my hubpages articles than were ever posted on my blogger page, I hardly notice them. Hubpages has perfected the art of placing numerous discreet ads on a single webpage. In addition, it is easier to get traffic to your hubpages articles because, as I said in # 2, it is easier for users to find articles which fit their interests. Wordpress is an entirely different animal. I signed up for Wordpress, and spent about 30 minutes on it until I realized that if you add Adsense or a similar program to your blog, Wordpress gets all of the profit. Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy writing for the sake of writing, but I would like the opportunity to get paid for whatever I publish, regardless of how small that opportunity is.

4. The are more ways to interact with the community

With Blogger, the only way to interact with the rest of the blogging community is to comment on blogs, or to get comments on your blogs. This would be easier if it were easy to find blogs that reflect your interests, but as I stated in point #2, this isn’t always the case. Fortunately, it is much easier at Hubpages. But in addition to that, there are numerous other ways to interact with fellow Hubsters! There is the “Answers” section, where you can ask any question about any subject and fellow Hubsters can reply with mini-hubs. This “Answers” section can also give Hubsters ideas for writing new Hubs. In addition to that, there is a forums section, which you can use for less “philosophical” debates, and interact with fellow Hubsters on a more direct level. Having these three different ways of interacting with fellow users greatly enhances the Hubpages experience.

5. You get more traffic

I am not sure if it is due to the community being more involved within Hubpages, or if Hubpages has better SEO, or if it is just because it is easier to find interesting articles, but like I said in my introduction, I have only been on hubpages for 1 day. So far, I have over 20 page views. I worked with blogger for months, searching for related blogs, commenting on the blogs of others, using social media to promote my blog, etc, and I don’t think I have 20 page views total. I truly believe that if I put even half the effort I put into Blogger into Hubpages, I can average about 100 page views a day. However, I plan on actually putting forth full effort into this awesome website and seeing where it can take me.

6. You can write about anything, anytime and have separate pages for everything

Yes, you can write about whatever you want on Blogger and Wordpress. However, if you want to write about a few completely unrelated topics with those websites, you have to set up a different blog for each topic. Then, your earliest posts will be hidden very far underneath your newer posts, and eventually placed into an archive folder, which makes it more difficult for readers to find. With Hubster, each article you write gets its own webpage. You can write about completely unrelated topics without having to create whole new blogs. This system keeps older articles fairly easy to find, and also ensures that you have multiple streams of revenue (the more pages you create, the more likely someone will view one of your pages). It is a win-win. But you are in luck if you do like grouping similar topics. Hubpages allows you to group your Hubs that are similar into sets, so they are easier for you to manage, and it is easier for your followers to find the cluster of articles that are relevant to their interests.

Please feel free to add your own reasons why Hubster is better than these other sites, especially if you are a Veteran user. I would love to learn more about the ins and outs of the system, and use it to its full capability.


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