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Why I Won't Write for Hubpages Anymore

Updated on February 17, 2013

I am Quitting Hubpages

I become a member of Hubpages on January and have written 23 Hubs out of which 22 are featured in their categories. I give useful tips and suggestions and I write on relevant topics but now I am not at all sure that I want to write for Hubpages anymore. They are (Admins or moderators) are just way to autocratic or else mechanical.

The reason why I am quitting Hubpages is that my latest post Kumbh Mela was unpublished as it was found to be copied from somewhere else. The thing is that I wrote that post after so much reaserch and on a topic which is so relevant. I devoted my precious time and I didn't posted on my personal blog; instead I wrote it on Hubpages first.

What happened was after my page (Kumbh Mela India) got published and featured I decided to feature it on my personal wordpress blog so that other readers could benefit from the information. But what happened was my featured post on Hubpages was got unpublished as copied content.

That is unacceptable. That is like hurting my self respect. If Hubpage can't even respect my decision to share my content with other users than I don't belong here. I will write no more posts. What is the use? One should not become monopolistic and the fact of matter is that I don't even monetize my Hubs.

Even Google gives us option of rel="author" (or rel="me") and canonical and then there is trackback option to track the original content. Even news website post similar stories (verbatim) across there website and it doesn't mean its copied content.

If someone can mechanically unpublish my post then I don't feel it is worth it to contribute to that forum because it does matters what happens to my post. Whatever I do, I do it with devotion and love; and to reject my post and unpublish it, is tantamount to insult me. Hence I have decided I am not going to write for Hubpages any more.

I so liked it to write here, to engage with hubbers and to interact and offer tips but alas this unpublishing thing has indeed hurt my sentiment. SO this is adieu. Bye bye Hubpages.


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    • profile image

      jsbst18 5 years ago


      Okay, you may not make any money from the hubs, but they ARE monetized.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 5 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      If you choose not to make money with Hubpages (as do I) then you must do it because you enjoy the format and expressing yourself and possibly the community of writers. I'd suggest you need not give that up! Whenever you wish to share what you write on hubpages with another forum or blog somewhere else simply reference the hub page link instead of pasting the exact text from the hub page. Or you can "screen print" the section from your hubpage you want to share elsewhere and make a .jpg image of it (can do in windows Paint) which you can post elsewhere as an image of the text and it won't flag duplication at hubpages unpublishing your hub.

      There are ways around this. I don't agree with all of the duplication policy either like when it dups things in the public domain - like I had a hub unpublished because I included a section of the constitution in it - like I can't quote the constitution? And sometimes they make an exception if you have grounds to challenge them.

      You can work this out, stick around!

    • nikhilchandra profile image

      Nikhil Chandra 5 years ago from New Delhi

      Monetization on my profile is by Hubpage account is by Hubpages not by me...I don't monetize my account

    • nikhilchandra profile image

      Nikhil Chandra 5 years ago from New Delhi

      No I don't

    • profile image

      jsbst18 5 years ago

      Um. Okay. Bye-bye.

      But, you do monetize your hubs here, why do you say you don't?

    • Taleb80 profile image

      Taleb AlDris 5 years ago

      Sorry to say that I think this is not a right decision.

      You supposed to know that this is Hubpages policy & when you start to write & publish, that mean you accept it.

      Hope you will re think again.

      Hope all the best for you.


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