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Why I Write Hubs

Updated on April 5, 2010

My girlfriend asks me quite often why I spend time writing “my hubpages”.  I’ve recently put a great deal of thought into why I do it. Here are my reasons…these aren’t in any particular order:

1. Challenge

I love challenge. With Hubpages, it’s no different. I’m not going to lie…I want to get a 100 rating. So far, I’ve made 98. I realize that this is just an arbitrary number and ultimately doesn’t mean much, but at least I can finally say “I made 100!” That’s a challenge for me.

The real challenge though is the writing. It is a lot harder than I expected. I’ve had many “failed” hubs that I never finish. A lot of these are in various states of completion and I may never finish them. Also, I write a great deal for work and school – Hubpages challenges me to write on new topics. I also find it very challenging to organize my thoughts and communicate them effectively, especially on a lot of the abstract subjects I write about.

I also read other people’s hubs and wonder how they write so well! This forces me to learn more and try to step up my writing. I often feel “out of my league,” but this motivates me to get better!


2. Curiosity

One of the reasons I write is because I’m curious. I often wonder what people like to read about – what they’re interested in. I write on a very diverse set of topics – poems, “how to’s”, comedy, drama, etc. I never know if anyone will care about my topics. One of my topics – “Men’s Locker Room Etiquette” – is my most popular hub. I never thought it would be popular at all. I merely thought it would be something interesting to write about, based on all the crazy stuff I’ve seen in locker rooms. I have yet been able to figure out what people are interested, I just write what I feel and see what happens. It’s sort of an experiment!

3. Money

Just to quantify, I’ve made about $12 on Adsense Ads and about $4 on referrals since I started Hubpages about 10 months ago. Money, obviously, is not one of the main reasons I write. The thought of making tons of residual income from my articles, despite the probability, does motivate me though. I would love to put my work “out there” and receive a $1000 check each month to help pay my bills!

4. Fresh Perspective

I see the world differently because of Hubpages. This has been awesome! Every day I now think about how events or situations, that I used to care less about, can be written about or turned into a hub. All my experiences now are more vivid. I see them from the perspective of possibly writing about them. This new perspective forces me to vividly remember images, sounds, and feelings about each moment.

5. Something New

I like to try new things. Hubpages is a new experience. I enjoy stepping outside my comfort zone and “putting myself out there.” Hubpages provides this opportunity. I find new experiences the best way to learn about myself. I’m finding out a lot about myself through my writing and also through my reactions to comments about my writing.

6. Share Experiences

I think I’ve had a lot of cool experiences – traveled to a lot of places, done a lot of cool stuff, met a lot of interesting people, etc. I enjoy sharing these experiences on Hubpages.

7. Reflection

I took a decent hiatus from writing hubs.  I just recently returned. I find it interesting to go back and read some of my older stuff. I remember exactly where I was and what I was thinking about when I wrote each article. I can also tell what kind of mood I was in at the time, based on the subject matter. It’s a unique perspective to see myself evolve in a public forum, per se.


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    • kea profile image

      kea 7 years ago

      @Late2class - thx for dropping by.

      @Jacob - I sent you an email. Thanks for stopping in.

    • profile image

      Jacob 7 years ago


      I was wondering how much money you do make say per month etc. if you don't' mind disclosing that. Please contact me at...

      I'd greatly appreciate it as I'm considering which services (Adsense e.g) provide the most pay for people like me who are making blogs etc.

    • Late2class profile image

      Late2class 7 years ago from Troy, IL