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Why SEO Practices Matter? White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

Updated on August 12, 2013


Search engine optimization falls into two categories commonly known as white hat SEO and Black hat SEO. These two practices use techniques and tools to optimize search engine for ranking. But while white hat is acceptable by search engines TOS, black hat is much more frowned upon due to the use deceptive practices

The Real Difference Between Black Hat and White Hat SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO Techniques:

White hat techniques consist of getting organic traffic and good ranking through researching relevant keywords that a number of people are looking for. These keywords maybe related to a product to buy, a service to use, or simply informative content to get.

White hat techniques also include building high quality content built from scratch. Put simply high quality content is not plagiarized from any source, is not spun by article spinners, is not stuffed with keywords, and is not poorly written to the point that it spoils the reader’s experience and fails to deliver any useful information. It is an authentic content optimized by relevant keywords only, used with meticulous care.

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Black hat SEO techniques:

As opposed to white hat seo, black hat seems to be the ugly way to optimize a search engine. In fact, if we are to define black hat seo, we would think of fast ranking results with intensive spamming. However our definition is still incomplete as spamming itself would be void without automation. A blackhat tools would n't be blackhat without automating a task like autoblogging by creating a splog full of advertisement with rss feed content or auto commenting in hundreds or even thousand of blogs in a very short period of time while linking back to your site. If you come across a blackhat forum you will end up with a list of automating softwares like scrapBox, senuke, Xrumer to name a few.

Why you should stick with white hat techniques ?

Although it may be very tempting to build up thousands of backlinks within days, and while ranking for stuffed keywords or comment spams may seem ( for some people ) justified if they struggle unsuccessfully to make a full time online income, it is undoubtedly a silly idea to count on black hat techniques and think you will get away with it. These techniques are all short lived and all you will end up with is your site ban from the search engines.


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