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Why They Depend So Much On Computers

Updated on May 19, 2011

Why they depend so much on computers?

I have just read a hub narrating the experience of blocking the adsense account by google, depending on the reports generated by their computers. I have also faced such like situation on hubpages. It is about two months a go when I first discovered the hubpages and decided to open my account here. The problem was that I was previously publishing my articles on for free. So, with the hope to earn some money I shifted some of my articles on hubpages after deleting them from the other site. However, I started receiving emails telling me that I have violated their rules. In order to get the solution of this problem I posted a question on hubpages requesting the hubbers to let me know how could I shift my articles on hubpages, after deleting my articles from that site. A positive response was received in a short time period but my account was closed on the allegation that I had posted the question to promote that website. I tried to contact the administrator of hubpages and make them understand the actual situation but all in vain.

When I am writing this, apprehension is in the mind that my present account may also be blocked as it is also a violation of the rules if you maintain two different accounts. Then what was the option except that to open a new account when your previous account was blocked for some undone violations. Now the the question is; can I afford the closure of my account this time when I have already posted 22 articles, which are getting handsome traffic. I am enjoying my experience here at hubpages. Probably, I could not afford a nightmare this time.

The purpose of telling this short mishap is that all these companies like, google, hubpages and such like other websites should understand that computers cannot be replaced with humans. Every case has its particularity and final decisions should be taken after hearing the other party. They should involve human beings to make the final decision rather solely and exclusively depending on the reports generated by their computers.

Hey guys pray for me, I cannot afford the closure of my account this time as I am enjoying hubpages very much.


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