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Why You Earn Cents Rather Than Dollars on High Value Adsense Keywords.

Updated on November 3, 2010


One question I see asked repeatedly across a wide range of Webmaster forums is to do with the amount people earn per click.  People see on the Adwords Keyword Tool that their keyword is costing advertisers $2, $5 or even $10 a click, so why are they earnings two cents, five cents, or ten cents a click?

In this article I will be covering a few of the reasons why you are not earning the amount you should be from Google Adsense clicks, and how you can improve your earnings per click.

Earn more With Adsense

Google Adsense
Google Adsense | Source

How Adsense Works

Adsense is a fairly complex system, and believe it or not the majority of money you receive comes straight from Advertisers who are bidding on a huge array of keywords.

It is these bidders who are powering your earnings, and how they work directly influences your Google Adsense Earnings.

How Bids Affect Your Adsense Earnings

You receive a set percentage of Google's earnings, and it is surprisingly high at 68% on content ads. Some people do not quite believe this, since they pick high value keywords based on Adwords Keywords Tool, and yet only get a few cents per click on their Adsense ads.

One of the most important things to remember is that when people bid on a keyword in Adsense they may not match the current highest bid, they may only bid $0.05 on a $5 keyword. To make this work Google puts the low value bids on low value webpages, and chances are that if you own your own newly built website, it will not be viewed as an amazing opportunity for advertisers.

There are a wide array of factors which increase your standing with Google, but one of those is time.

This does unfortunately mean that the click value you receive is much lower than the average bids made on a particular keyword.

The second thing to remember is targeting. Many Advertisers now do some indepth targeting in google which could remove your site from their ad lists. The bad news is that people who pay the most, are more likely to target their ads to more specific target audiences.

How Your Website can Affect Your Earnings

Google does many things to ensure that advertisements are displayed on higher quality websites, especially for people who bid more on a keyword. For this reason higher click values are placed on websites which have a higher perceived quality.

There are a few things that can be on your website which reduce your perceived click quality.

The first major thing that can reduce your click quality is accidental clicks. Google has announced that clicks are tracked through to conversion in a lot of cases. Especially on higher value clicks, where people will be paying a large amount of cash, and will want to see a return on investment.. This means that if you display Adsense blocks on a page where they may attract accidental clicks can drop your sites value in the eyes of Adsense, and you will receive lower value ads.

You can fix this by clearly showing where advertisements are located, and where links are going to your own internal pages.

Increasing your overall traffic quality to your Adsense advertisers, will in-turn provide you with higher quality advertisers, and they definitely pay more.

Making Sure Your Ads Can Be Bought

One of the more recent Adsense/Adwords features is the ability for advertisers to purchase ad space directly on your page.  This nifty little feature has slowly worked it's way in to mainstream use over the last few years, and it can dramatically increase your earnings.

When you set up an Adsense block on your website now you can assign it to a channel which allows advertisers to see where their ads can appear on your site.  This allows them to place a bid directly on your website, and since these are highly targeted, you will generally earn more per click than with generic Adsense blocks.


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    • JanMaklak profile image

      JanMaklak 5 years ago from Canada

      I was wondering if I was to direct people to my blogger site (which has ads) and then the reader to finish an article was directed here with a "read more" link does that equal more impressions and thereby more income?

    • profile image

      Emre 7 years ago

      Very nice post.. Most of the people dont know about the "value of the site" effect on earnings..

    • profile image

      timonweller 7 years ago

      Well, that's a bit more on understanding there to do with Adsense.

    • jcales profile image

      jcales 7 years ago

      interesting that they see the adsense channel you named to make it even more targeted. pretty clever.