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My re-introduction and why did I prefer HubPages over several others?

Updated on April 7, 2013

Introduction - The Summer of '10 and HubPages

It was the summer (the Indian one!) of 2010, when I first wrote a Hub on this technical-looking but really amazing world of HubPages. That was my introductory hub wherein I gave a little glimpse of who I was and why I came on HubPages (the usual reason which everyone give - I love to write!). I was fairly new to this world of blogging, someone who was foraying into a really complex world of digital information and technology. I did some 50 odd Hubs (which included a really extensive compilation of some hidden (and some not so) facts and figures of India's post-Independence struggle. This Hub garnered over 400 hits within 3 days of its publishing and started a really interesting conversation with one of the keen readers) during a period of over a year but had to shut the shop as I had a job in my hands....

The Summer of '11 - An author's journey into the world of editing

Yes, you got it right. In mid-2011, I got a job of a Production editor at SAGE Publications (one of the world's top 5 academic publishers) while the author inside me went on a solitary journey to my inner conscience and housed himself there! He (the author) remained mute for a good year-and-a-half until I bumped into what was the 'National Debut Youth Fiction Award 2013'. The author got up from its deep slumber and went on a writing spree, so much so that I was able to finish work on 2 full-fledged manuscripts in a space of 8 months (weekends only!).

The Editor made peace with the author and walked alongside him. Being an editor also brought me in contact with some really diverse breed of authors who were amazingly talented (you can get a list of all the journals which I handle from my Bio). I picked up the finer nuances of writing from their pieces while the formatting came naturally to me.....

Early '13 - The joy and the lull

Come 2013 and I, amazingly, made it into the final rounds of the contest and eventually, one of my 'unpublished' works (Letters from Heaven) won the contest. To beat several thousands en-route to the prize was a highly inflating feeling (and to top it all, it was a NATIONAL AWARD!). Several publishers were shown my work but an eerie lull followed soon after....

I will talk about the lull and the possible (I am quite certain about these!) reasons behind it in a separate Hub very soon...

Rise of the Phoenix - HubPages re-catches my attention

Just about last month, I was wondering what to do next for the dear (and somewhat enraged after the award fiasco) author grumbling inside me. Three things struck my mind:

  1. Put the author to sleep for few years and continue pleasing the editor inside me,
  2. Start work on a new Fiction project, or
  3. ....

No, the 3rd point is not a typo. I was pretty sure there was a third one going in my mind but didn't knew what it was until the Fool's Day came about (not that I was reminded of HubPages when the day came about!).

I accidentally flipped over some of my early Hubs (was searching my presence over the web! Don't you do it?). And then....

.....Eureka! Let's re-join HubPages....

HubPages - Ah! The charm

HubPages is an amazing congregation. The only difference is that we all are worshiping the pure art of writing and sharing knowledge.

There are several other knowledge disseminating sites (Wikipedia anyone?) as well, then why to trust HubPages's content?

Yes, these sites are popular among students. But the truth ends there. As is now widely known, efficacy of content published there is highly doubtful. Besides that, no professional seeks advice from these as the data can be easily fabricated by any one who knows how to write (reading is not necessary for some!). Whereas, content on HubPages can only be edited by the author himself so the quality remains the same even if you refer it after a year.

But how can one trust the content mentioned in HubPages to be really true?

Well, the author is responsible for his own content. If he/she tries to publish copied (without any proper credits/reference to the original source) content, HubPages team will raise an alarm immediately and will prevent him/her from publishing it (that's the best thing!). Besides that, the community of HubPages is very well-informed (in most cases) and will get to the bottom of the topic mentioned in a Hub of an author. They rarely take up anything without asking themselves - Why this?

I personally believe that the readers who frequent HubPages and the Hubbers themselves are a great sport. I really had a lot of pleasure interacting with them in my previous innings here. There various questions (some intriguing ones and some vague ones, too!) keep your mind engaged and the outcome is quite satisfying.

You GROW with them and hope to build on your skill-sets while interacting with them. Various people from various countries, communities, castes, age-groups, professions come together to the 'Mecca of knowledge - HubPages'.

A big warm welcome to me and heartiest congratulations to all for being here and a big thank you to all for sharing your knowledge.

Please spare a minute for this, too!

Please rate the quality of content published on HubPages? (1-pathetic, 5-excellent)

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    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 4 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      This is an interesting story of your re-introduction to HubPages. Welcome back!

    • ajwrites57 profile image

      AJ 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Nice to read your interesting story. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hridyapal-Bhogal profile image

      Hridyapal 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Many thanks for the wishes, Elias.

    • Elias Zanetti profile image

      Elias Zanetti 5 years ago from Athens, Greece

      Welcome back to Hubpages then :)